What's to Come at Empaxis in 2021

2020 is officially in the books. 

We know the challenges this year brought to many, personally and professionally.

Despite the challenges,  Empaxis always looks on the bright side.

The experiences and lessons from learned last year make us stronger. People learned how to be more resourceful, efficient, and flexible in their work.

Individuals and organizations are more conscious of the roles they play in an ever-connected world. They recognize the capacity they have in contributing to beneficial outcomes.

We Are Here to Help

At Empaxis, we recognize the role we play in helping our investment management clients.

When they transitioned from office to remote work, we made sure their daily operational processes continued as normal, without interruption.

This was possible in part from the proactive measures we took. Weeks before the lockdowns, Empaxis developed contingency plans, modified internal workflows, and enhanced network and device security to prepare for the big changes that eventually came.

When an investment organization becomes our client, we make a commitment. We are with you through thick and thin, and 2020 was a year that put everyone to the test. On behalf our organization, I am proud to say to say that we delivered.

Battle-tested and forward-looking, here are some of the new things to come at Empaxis this year.

Empaxis New Developments in 2021

Company Expansion

As a testament to the good work we do, our company is growing.

We have welcomed several new clients onto our TAMP1 platform, not to mention those in need of middle- and back-office services and our automation solutions.

Empaxis has onboarded clients across the entire spectrum, from startup investment managers to large, well-established financial institutions.

The result is we are expanding our workforce. Empaxis is attracting more great talent to serve an ever-growing client base.

In 2021, we plan to help even more investment companies complete their operational and digital transformation.

TAMP1 Enhancements

We built TAMP1 because we know investment firms deserve better.

They need a cloud-based solution where they and their clients can see all data and reports in one spot, easy to access and make sense of.

So, we took our operational know-how and partnered with InvestCloud to develop a modern, cloud based turnkey platform that is TAMP1. 

As nice as it is, we are always looking for ways to make TAMP1 better. Our platform will integrate with even more systems, and we are enhancing the portfolio accounting and CRM features while developing  new functionality, which we are excited to share when ready.

Automation Developments

Efficiency is everything in this day and age. Automating routine and manual work is one way to achieve that goal.

57% of financial firms are planning to leverage automation through AI and RPA over the long term, and Empaxis is ready to help firms as they look to automate.

We’ve developed tools to automate statement downloads, file storage, report generation, and communication, to name a few.

Recently, we’ve rolled out our new billing solutions that expedite billing processes.

For 2021, we have plans to expand our automation capabilities, helping a broader segment of the investments and finance industry.

Renewed Focus on ESG

As a global company, Empaxis benefits from an interconnected world, where talent and ideas freely interact. 

As a beneficiary of global exchange, we recognize we must continue doing our part to help others, just as others have helped us.

That is why we invest in the next generation of talent, as seen in our annual Empaxis Scholarship for Women in Business. See our most recent winner.

From an environmental standpoint, we continue to lessen our carbon footprint by reducing paper consumption and participating in eco-friendly activities like tree-planting in our respective locales.

At Empaxis, a lot is expected from our team. Being world class requires 110% effort, and our team's efforts don’t go unnoticed. Top performers are regularly acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions.

Furthermore, we’ve made the work environment more accommodating and flexible for our staff, especially during this time dealing with COVID-19.

Moving Forward with Confidence

2020 was a year unlike anything else. Despite its challenges, we have all found ways to thrive.

At Empaxis, we’ve proven ourselves capable in serving our clients at a high level when they needed us most. Our proactiveness then allows us to be optimistic about the future.

The new developments at Empaxis will surely benefit investment organizations, as well as our own staff and the communities we are part of.

To our clients, we look forward to another exciting year working with you.

For prospects, feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can optimize your operation.

Happy New Year!

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