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Fix staffing shortages and boost efficiency for your bank

Banks and financial institutions struggle to keep costs down while keeping margins and service levels high. With multiple lines of business, so many moving parts, and talent and staffing shortages, it's easy to get bogged down.

Non-core, non-revenue generating activities quickly consume resources, resulting in less time to focus on what matters most: serving clients and maximizing profit margins.

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Benefits of outsourcing: Cut costs & get the custom solutions your bank needs

Experience & cost savings

Empaxis already provides these very services to the world’s largest banks and institutions. Our own staff has worked within organizations like yours. We know firsthand what you go through and what it takes to meet your expectations. Our methods work because we have spent 18+ years improving and perfecting our processes. In turn, we pass those efficiencies and cost savings on to you.

Banks can fill immediate staffing needs

The traditional hiring process is slow and inefficient. But with Empaxis, you have a team of trained and talented banking middle- and back-office operations professionals ready to go, as you need them. Ramping up or down your labor needs is so much easier with an outsourced partner.

Access to cutting-edge technology

It’s not just the talent you get from Empaxis; you have access to the latest in automation tools and cloud-based financial technology. Complacency is not in our vocabulary around here; we are constantly innovating and improving our systems.

Empaxis investment operations statistic
4 out of 5 financial institutions are worried about staffing, and many believe the banking labor shortage will persist long after the pandemic.
-American Banker
Customized offerings

Empaxis does not fit you into a box. Every solution is custom-built to help you achieve your financial institution's objectives.


We are an open book. Empaxis is audited regularly, affirming our internal processes and controls, as well as cybersecurity measures. With these audits and certifications (available upon request), it is further proof of our competence and capacity to serve you.

Empaxis outsourcing services for banks & financial institutions

Outsourcing is one of the best ways banks and financial institutions regain their time and resources, as well as deal with staffing shortages.

The concept is simple: Partner with a qualified third party like Empaxis that takes over the manual, routine, and mundane work for you. In turn, you can focus on the work that keeps your customers happy and margins high.

By partnering with a banking outsourcing services provider such as Empaxis, you get the talent, tools, experience, and expertise to get the job done. You’ll no longer have to worry about hiring and training operational staff. We’ve done it for you. Our banking outsourcing solutions include:

  • Portfolio accounting & report generation
  • File, statements & document storage
  • Data aggregation & data management
  • Systems & data migration projects
  • Automation tools implementation & oversight
  • Systems integration & IT support
  • Banking operations consulting

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