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Increase profitability and deliver better returns for your clients

Intense competition for both employee talent and investor money makes it challenging for hedge fund managers to run their business. Fund managers should be fully focused on what’s most important — delivering returns for their clients and staying profitable.

A well-run middle-and back-office operation is vital and foundational to hedge fund success, but operations and admin work can be quite costly if not run properly. With the help of Empaxis, your operation is in good hands.

Benefits of outsourcing: Scale your hedge fund & gain flexibility

We’ve spent nearly 18 years perfecting the craft of hedge fund operations optimization. The internal efficiencies we’ve built allow us to pass the cost savings and benefits onto you.

Don’t worry about hiring and training up a team; we’ve already done it for you. Our team of operations experts can step right in and get going faster than the traditional hiring process.

Increased accuracy

We employ quality control checks to ensure accurate numbers and figures.


Have reports ready before you start your day.


Have an operation that can take on growth for today and the future.

Transparency & accountability

Rest assured we do things the right way. Empaxis is audited regularly, and we have SOC and ISO certifications. We welcome the validation of our procedures.


We work with your systems and data sources, and we work according to your needs, preferences, and timelines.

Empaxis investment operations statistic
Average decrease of hedge fund performance fees over the past decade.
-Hedge Fund Research

Empaxis outsourcing services for hedge funds

Your job is to make investors happy with big returns and deliver huge profits for your firm. Our job is to help you do that by freeing up your time. We will take care of your operational workflows, so you can focus on higher-value activities.

Hedge funds greatly benefit from Empaxis experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Daily reconciliation and performance reporting
  • Data aggregation and quality control
  • Margin calculations and reports
  • Alternative investment statement processing
  • Automation development and bot deployment
  • Cloud-based portfolio accounting technology

Learn more about our middle- and back-office capabilities.

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