Asset Servicing Solutions Made Simple

Outsourced asset servicing solutions provide a long-term strategy to reduce the costs and complexity in your operation.

It's been a tough year for asset management companies:

  • The markets are down, well below their all-time highs
  • Costs are going up, with inflation is at highest level in 40 years
  • Employee turnover is high, as the Great Resignation is in full swing

As an asset manager, you have to juggle all these issues at once, but your time is limited. You can't and shouldn't be dealing with these challenges yourself.

This is where asset servicing can benefit you, and here's how Empaxis does it.

Empaxis Asset Servicing Solutions

We are experts in investment operations, solely focused, and going on nearly two decades.

Our expertise gives us the ability to service your assets in a simplified, cost-effective manner.

Looking to offload your processes in bulk? Empaxis has a team at the ready, ready to take the load off your plate.

Daily Operational Processing

Our team will prepare the reports and data points before the start of your day.  

  • Reconciliation and performance
  • Corporate actions management
  • Pricing
  • New account setup
  • Data management

Rest assured that when you wake up, everything is ready to go.

We talk about making things simple. What better way to do that than getting the work done while you sleep!

97% of advisors are satisfied with their decision to outsource.
98% say they deliver better investment solutions after deciding to outsource.
80% of advisors say they lost no clients or revenues when they made the transition.

Northern Trust/AssetMark survey

Automation Technology

We can automate up to 20 different workflows for you. Check them out in our Automation Guide.

We not only make things easier for asset managers, but for ourselves as well. That's why we automate as much as we can.

Empaxis has a team of automation development experts that knows how to streamline manual and routine work. They set up and maintain bots that will carry out the tasks.

  • Reporting
  • Billing and fee calculations
  • Private investment statement processing
  • New account openings
  • Data input and organization

Timely and accurate delivery is what we're all about. Automation is one way we make it happen.

Cloud Technology and Custom Dashboards

We'll work with your systems, no problem.

But if you're looking to upgrade your technology, we have a cloud-based platform, TAMP1.

TAMP1 lets you and investors see all data and reports in one place, as the platform integrates with 1,800+ different systems.

Pull all the data into one spot, view in real time, and adjust the data views to your liking. Additionally, we'll handle the aforementioned daily processing on the platform.

But if you prefer we build a custom dashboard in and aggregate the data in another location, our custom developers will build it for you.

One way or another, Empaxis gives you the data and reporting views you need.

A Solution Customized and Simple for You

View here.

No asset manager should be forced to fit into the box of their service provider. 

That's why with Empaxis, you get a truly customized solution.

1. Pick and choose the services you like. We don't bill for things you don't need.

2. Our team works according to your hours and timelines.

3. We work with your systems... or you can work with ours!

4. Ramp up or ramp down easily. We can easily adjust for your labor requirements.

5. Need help migrating data? We'll do it for you.

Staying profitable is hard when costs go up and cashflows are at risk. Constantly hiring, training, and and replacing employees will result in productivity losses, a poorer client experience, and financial losses.

If you're looking for that soup to nuts, all-in-one asset servicing solutions provider that will:

1) cut your operating costs
2) eliminate the headache of turnover
3) allow you more time to focus on generating revenue

... then Empaxis will do it.

You bring the vision and we'll implement it.

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