The Empaxis Scholarship for Women in Business

Our team is pleased to announce this year’s Empaxis Scholarship for Women in Business.

A $500 scholarship will be awarded to 4 female college and college-bound students in the United States who are interested in pursuing a career in business and entrepreneurship.  

Although trending in the right direction, women remain under-represented at the top levels of leadership and in the boardrooms.

To contribute in a small way and encourage women to pursue their education and careers in business, Empaxis will be giving women the opportunity to earn $500 to put towards their education expenses.


  • Grades: No minimum GPA or SAT/ACT requirement.
  • Residency requirement: current United States resident (citizenship not a requirement)

How to Apply for the Empaxis Scholarship for Women in Business  

Please fill out the fields in the form, submit your essay, and answer the following questions in your attached document.

Essay submission criteria: 500-1,000 words. Questions to answer:

  • What are your business/career goals?
  • What are your best qualities that you believe will help you achieve these goals? (Examples: You can talk your accomplishments and/or how you’ve demonstrated leadership in school projects, work, extracurricular activities, etc.)
  • Is there a charity or social cause you are most passionate about? If you have the time and resources to support this project, what would it be and why?

Deadline: Friday, December 16, 2022, at 11:59PM (Pacific Time)

Amount: $500 (4 winners chosen)

Apply today

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