The Empaxis Advantage: Why We’re a Global Firm

By leveraging global synergies, Empaxis is in the best position to deliver operational excellence and cost savings to money managers worldwide.

As our CEO Stephen Van de Wetering said, “Empaxis was meant to be global from Day 1.”

And from Day 1 and continuing to the present, we are justthat: global.

As COO, it is rewarding to be part of this organization and see the growth and transformation over the years.

How We Began Operating

When Empaxis first started, we were initially serving USclients and providing most of the operational support from our India facility.

Overnight processing for reconciliation and performance reporting is what we deliver to investment managers (in addition to our Robotic Process Automation), and we start daily processing immediately when the new custodial data is available. We are prepared to have daily reports ready for our clients before they set foot in the office.

The thing is, that data becomes available in the weehours across the US, at a time when most would and should be sleeping.

In India, it’s the middle of the day, and the Indian timezone is more conducive to producing reports for US firms before they starttheir morning.

Combine that with cost advantages and a large pool of portfolio accounting talent, an Empaxis presence in India is beneficial to the wealth and asset managers, hedge funds, and family offices we serve.

Other Reasons Empaxis Goes Global

Stephen is a visionary. He knew the world of today would notbe the same one in which he started Empaxis back in 2004; a global presencewas necessary.

He knew our solutions would not be exclusive to the US, as investment firms worldwide will need the services their North American counterparts have. That is why Empaxis expanded into Europe.

Furthermore, countries throughout Asia would become more competitive and see their economies grow rapidly, and with that comes an increase in demand for investment services.

Places like India would no longer be just a time zone-friendly place for operational support in serving US clientele. Wealth and asset managers in India would soon be in the market for Empaxis services.

India is perfectly situated between financial hubs in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, with the likes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the west, and Singapore and Hong Kong to the east. India is right at the center of these growing regions, making it possible to serve them being less than a 3-hour time difference in either direction.

We believe you don’t have to be a Vanguard or a BlackRock in order to receive world-class technology and operational support.

Small- and medium-sized investment firms deserve the same, and Empaxis makes it possible for a small but growing wealth manager, whether in India or Indiana, to receive the same caliber of technology and operational servicing as a multi-billion dollar AUM firm in London or New York would.

With feeds from over 1,600 custodians and banks worldwide, Empaxis is more than capable of handling data coming its way, wherever it's from.

Global Is in Our DNA

When we say we are global, and when we say we are 24/7, wemean it.

When an investment organization needs support, and no matterwhere they are located, they don’t have to wait for help at an inconvenienttime, be it super early in the morning, super late in evening, or at the veryend of a workday.

With our "follow the sun approach", we are available across all time zones. Delivering operational efficiency, scalability, and cost savings, we put wealth and asset managers in a position to succeed.

That is the Empaxis Advantage, and we have our global presence to thank for it.

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