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With nearly 20 years of experience exclusively focused on transforming middle- and back-office operations, Empaxis brings unparalleled expertise to investment managers worldwide.

Empaxis leadership team in the U.S.

Our solution is threefold:

Skilled Outsourcing
Process Automation
Cloud Technology

We ensure all three are working in unison so we can streamline your investment operations, reduce costs, strengthen client service, and deliver seamless scalability.

How impact begins

In the investment world, numbers—whether it’s your ROI or investment portfolio performance ratings—are the barometers of success. Real impact can’t be achieved with piecemeal patches; it takes a holistic approach.

It’s why our work begins with an end-to-end operational audit, uncovering every opportunity to automate and outsource. We delve deep to create a roadmap that delivers significant cost savings and superior service—revolutionizing how your investment management firm operates.

Middle- and back-office outsourcing
Skilled Middle- and Back-Office Outsourcing

Headquartered in California and operating in India, we maximize the benefits of lower costs and follow-the-sun workflows to deliver a cost-effective and superior client experience to you—and your clients.

Our rigorously trained teams bring a deep and nuanced understanding of your operations, so that every request is quickly and accurately addressed, and regulatory and compliance requirements are thoroughly observed.

Empaxis automation services
End-to-End Process Automation

Automation, speed, and accuracy are the pillars of our process automation solution. We examine the flow of millions of data points that affect reconciling, reporting, billing, and data aggregation. Systems-agnostic, we work within the financial technology platforms you’re already using to identify every action that can be streamlined, automated, and strengthened.

How? In partnership with the world’s leading RPA software, UiPath, we design, implement, monitor, and modify bots to free up internal teams from manual tasks that burn time and money.

Turnkey Asset
Management Platform (TAMP)
Turnkey Asset Management Platform

Our comprehensive Turnkey Asset Management Platform, TAMP1, gives you reliable, real-time data flows so you and your clients have visibility into reporting and communications, and more robust insights.

Powered by InvestCloud, the TAMP1 platform seamlessly integrates with 1,800+ banks, custodians, prime brokers, and additional platforms. All data is crisply presented in one, central hub that’s purpose-built for easy use.

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