Middle- and back-office outsourcing

We know investment operations.

For 18+ years, Empaxis has helped investment firms cut costs and improve efficiency through middle- and back-office outsourcing solutions. Our talent, innovation, and laser-driven focus on operations enable us drive greater process efficiency, and we pass the benefits and savings on to you. This in turn allows you to focus more on revenue-generating activities.

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Middle- and back-office outsourcing

Reduce costs & increase efficiency when you outsource middle- and back-office operations

As an investment manager, your goal is to serve clients and generate revenue for your firm. A functioning middle- and back-office helps achieve those objectives. However, operational work is costly, time-consuming, and error-prone — and it doesn’t generate revenue.

Empaxis India office - investment operations outsourcing

Empaxis MBO services include:

Reconciliation reporting

Timely, accurate reconciliation delivery regardless of portfolio complexity, including transactions, positions, market value and cost basis to deliver accurate monthly reports quickly.

Performance reporting

GIPS standards or proprietary performance measurement and review service.


Billing statements prepared for your clients according to required schedules.

Cost basis

Cost basis input and calculation, capital gains tax rate calculation.

Corporate actions processing

Stock splits, reverse splits, spin-offs, cash dividends, mergers and acquisitions, bond calls, tender offers, ticker and CUSIP changes.

Fees & expenses calculation

Calculating management fees, incentive fees, excluding special members and accruals.

Partnership reports

Report generation in various formats to save you time and money.

NAV calculation reports

Net Asset Value reports to know true valuation of clients’ portfolio assets and funds.

Auditor liaison

We work directly with your auditors at year-end to ensure they have the necessary documentation.

Benefits of Empaxis outsourcing solutions

With Empaxis, you’ll have access to a team of portfolio accounting experts, eliminating key personnel risk for your organization. Whether your firm is ramping up or down, you can add or reduce labor as needed.

Customized offerings

We’ve seen it all. We know every firm is different, so Empaxis customizes and tailors its solutions to fit your unique needs.

24/7 availability

Our “follow the sun” approach ensures that money managers, no matter where they are located, will get support when they need it.

100% transparency

We work within your environment, according to your requirements. You set the controls, and you see everything we can see.

Systems-agnostic capabilities

Your platform is our base. Our team works with your preferred portfolio accounting system. Regardless of region, currency, or asset class, we reconcile your accounts accurately and quickly.

Portfolio accounting expertise

No need to spend time looking to hire and train new talent. We have already built up the bench for you, and we are ready to help you scale your operation.

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Want to learn more? Curious to see if there are opportunities to automate and cut your costs? Whether you’re ready to get started or simply exploring options for operations as a service, let’s chat. There’s no charge to you.

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