Advent Corporate Actions Support with Empaxis

If you've done it before, you know how tricky processing corporate actions can be.

You also know corporate actions are a major bottleneck in finishing reports on time.

You forget how to process them in your Advent system, and now you're calling upon team members to help.

The problem with your team is they're:

  • not always available when you need them
  • annoyed when you ask for their help
  • not sure how how to do it either

Have you found yourself in those situations, crossing your fingers that you won't encounter corporate actions? After all, you want to finish the work quickly and without hassle.

We totally get it, and we make things easier for you.

Empaxis Corporate Actions Support on Advent Systems

Whether you're using Axys, APX, or Geneva, we got you covered.

After all, Empaxis has had deep expertise in Advent software since the day our company was founded, as our leadership team consists of former Advent SS&C employees and experts on the platforms.

We are more than capable of handling the various corporate actions for you:

  • stock splits
  • reverse stock splits
  • dividends
  • ticker changes
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • spinoffs

But we know there's a lot more that goes into it that you'll need.


Not only do we process the corporate actions, we send you notifications when they're finished.

It's standard practice for us to initiate bringing these changes to our clients' attention.

Data Management & API Integration for Axys and APX

It's not just about performing the corporate actions themselves.

To even do that, you need the custodian data, and it has to populate in to your Advent systems properly. Empaxis will make sure that happens.

We have years of experience leveraging APIs and integrating Advent with Schwab, Fidelity, Pershing, BNY Mellon, among other custodians, brokers, and banks.

So, we make sure the data comes in the right format and populates the right fields.

Only then can corporate actions and all daily reporting get done.

System Maintenance and Communication

The software has to be kept up to date, and the data must be regularly checked for quality assurance.

The Security Master file, pricing, positions... everything has to be accurate.

Empaxis can take ownership of all that, as we have a ton of experience working with Axys & APX.

If there is troubleshooting or new implementations you want from Advent SS&C, we'll handle the communication with them. We'll get every set up and resolved on your behalf.

Partner with Advent Experts

Learn more about Axys and APX Outsourcing Services

Corporate actions are tricky, and the often manual nature of handling them increases risk and inefficiency.

Inaccuracies lead to bad decision-making, late payments, and cash flow issues.

With a lot at stake, let Empaxis manage these workflows.

Our portfolio accounting team not only does the processes, but they maintain the data, systems, and daily back-office reporting.

Wealth and asset managers benefit from our talent and technology skills, as we do corporate actions processing faster and better.

The end result is accurate data and reporting that you, your team, clients, stakeholders, and auditors can trust.

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