Ella Stone Wins Empaxis Scholarship

Empaxis is proud to name Ella Stone as the 2021 recipient of The Scholarship for Women in Business.

Ella was chosen among a large number of qualified applicants for this scholarship, and it's our honor to present this award to her.

What impressed us the most is how much she has accomplished in such a short time.

Academic Achievements

The 15-year-old student from Texas graduated from high school last spring, and she's on track to earn a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Master's in Teaching by the time she turns 17 and 19, respectively. Currently, in her collegiate studies, she maintains a 4.0 GPA.

Ella's passion for mathematics and teaching started in the second grade, assisting her teacher in helping classmates with math instruction. Right away she learned the importance of patience and clear communication as effective methods in teaching, and she would apply those methods in teaching as you'll see below.

Last year, she was admitted to Mu Alpha Theta, an organization that recognizes students' mathematical achievements. Also, she was admitted to Phi Kappa Theta, which recognizes students' high-level collegiate academic success.

And the accolades don't stop there.

In that same time period, she was accepted to the Dallas College Honors Program and STEM League, and she won the President's Volunteer Service Awards (gold, silver, and bronze levels).

And these aren't her only awards. There's so much more to say about Ella's accomplishments, and without even mentioning more, she stands out among the rest.

Entrepreneurial Ambition and Volunteer Experience

Ella's academic background isn't the only impressive thing about her; her entrepreneurial spirit is equally noteworthy.

Combined with her passion for teaching and desire to have her own business, she plans to start her own online EdTech platform, sharing her teaching abilities globally.

Ella's interest in having her own EdTech platform started at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As in-person volunteer opportunities dwindled, she saw an opportunity in online teaching.

As she works towards that goal, she is currently volunteering her time with Willow Way Tutoring, where she serves as the Director of Student Outreach and Engagement.

As part of the organization, Ella tutors lesser fortunate students, primarily refugees in the US. As many of the refugee students have limited English skills and as their classes went virtual, students' opportunities to speak English were limited.

With those she tutors, Ella provides a comfortable environment for the students to improve their language skills, and she utilizes translation software across 12 different languages to aid in her teaching. By helping refugee students improve their English fluency, Ella has received feedback from the refugee students' teachers, thanking Ella for her work, as the teachers noticed the students' English levels have improved.

What's Next for Ella

As mentioned earlier, Ella is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Southern New Hampshire University, and she plans to get a Master's in Teaching, teaching upper-level math courses.

At the same time, she plans to start her EdTech platform, pursuing an educational-entrepreneurial career.

And in the meantime, she will continue her tutoring. Ella's 800+ hours of volunteer experience and the lessons she's learned from it will certainly benefit her as she pursues her business ambitions.

Ella is proving herself a self-made success, as she funds her education through merit awards, grants, and scholarships. While a challenging endeavor, that type of reliance on herself to reach her goals will take her far in the world of business.

Between her accomplishments, good character, entrepreneurial vision, and taking actions to make her vision a reality, Empaxis is pleased to award Ella this scholarship. She is the third recipient of this award, joining previous winners Nikhila Bulusu and Rachel Williams.

We look forward to seeing what's in store for Ella in the future, and we're proud to play a small part in helping her achieve those goals.

About the Empaxis Scholarship

The Empaxis Scholarship for Women in Business is offered to female students in the United States who plan to pursue a career path in business, as well as demonstrate leadership qualities and entrepreneurial ambition.

The scholarship is offered annually, and applications for 2022 will begin this summer.

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