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Empaxis transforms your operations for ROI with impact

With the investment management landscape constantly changing, margins being squeezed, and client expectations escalating, you need to optimize every corner of your operations. At Empaxis, our sole focus is to help you do just that.

We transform investment operations with a mix of middle- and back-office, accounting, and technology-based solutions that generate greater efficiency, save money, and streamline workflows. Our approach is designed to deliver long-term returns on investment.

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Delivering operational impact starts with the foundation

The best way to deal with problems is to prevent them from ever occurring. Empaxis can do that by transforming your entire operations from today’s labor intensive, slow, and error-prone processes to fully digitized workflows that are both faster and more accurate.

By examining each process from end to end — down to the most exacting detail — Empaxis uncovers every opportunity for transformation and real impact. And we bring the right technologies and level of integration with existing systems to let you ensure the accuracy of the millions of data points that drive your reporting, accounting, and client services.

Empaxis has strategic partnerships with leading financial technology providers, leveraging their systems to deliver all the benefits of a data-driven, process-oriented approach. Moreover, we integrate with your existing technology, allowing you to retain the systems you’re comfortable working with.

Top-tier operations talent every step of the way

Your dedicated Empaxis team is immersed in every facet of your investment operation so that you can serve clients and make decisions with maximum efficacy, minimal hassle.

Headquartered in the US, and with offices in the UK and India, Empaxis brings comprehensive knowledge of the global capital markets. We maximize the benefits of lower costs and follow-the-sun workflows, and are here for you around the clock.

Our top-tier talent is rigorously vetted, tested, and trained—and passionate about their work. As a result, we set the bar for superior service and team consistency. And with quick access to the precise skills you need, you gain the flexibility to scale up or down on demand.

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Targeted specialization

Investment operations are the backbone of your business, and critically important to success. We are fiercely focused and committed to serving investment managers, and we bring a deep understanding of your processes that enables your firm to operate seamlessly.

With nearly 20 years of concentrated experience to our name, Empaxis delivers outstanding performance and dramatic cost savings that go right to your bottom line.

Impactful Process Transformation

Ready for MBO operations that save time, cut costs, and delight your clients?

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