RIA Back-Office Outsourcing: Why Empaxis

There are many options when it comes to RIA back-office outsourcing providers. Consider Empaxis for its unique expertise, offerings, and approaches.

You know the benefits RIAs get from outsourcing, as well as everything they lose by not outsourcing.

After that, it’s a matter of identifying a back-office services vendor that meets your requirements.

Already 20 years in business and having served hundreds of RIAs, Empaxis has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources that investment advisors will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

The Benefits of Empaxis RIA Back-Office Support  

1. We Are Exclusively Focused On Operations

Other providers may offer a wide list of services beyond the middle and back office. With that in mind, how do you know they are the best at what you need them for?

How do you know the line of services you seek is the top priority in the firm’s business model? And how do you know if you’re getting their best resources?

That’s where Empaxis is different. We only do operations, and you’ll work with experts who have 20+ years of investment operations industry experience.

Because we are hyper-focused in that area, you know Empaxis will give their full efforts and all the resources dedicated to serving you best.

With an exclusive RIA back-office focus, we have developed the tools, efficiencies, and expertise to serve you at a very high level.

That ultimately translates to more value and cost savings for you.

2. Customized and Flexible Back-Office Servicing

You are a unique firm, and Empaxis knows that cookie-cutter back-office support will not cut it. It never has.

With 24/7 support windows and only paying for services that you require, Empaxis makes it as easy as possible for RIAs.

See how Empaxis delivered a custom-built solution for an investment advisor, streamlining their reconciliation and reporting processes.


We reconcile accounts (cash,  positions, trades) how you want it done. Do you want us to find the breaks and/or perform the reconciliation? Empaxis has been doing this since 2004, having reconciled hundreds of thousands of accounts.

We handle separately managed accounts (SMAs) as well.

If you follow GIPS, we’ll follow it too.


Whether it’s time-weighted return (TWR) or internal rate of return (IRR), we’ll calculate performance however you do it.


We know wealth and asset managers have their own methods and exceptions, and in many cases RIA billing platforms can’t properly handle those exceptions.

With every billing client we serve, Empaxis already assumes a degree of complexity in the processes, and we position ourselves ready to manage it.

Empaxis builds custom fee billing calculation tools to tackle that complexity, expediting billing times drastically and reducing risk of errors.

Middle-Office Support Included

In addition to the back office, Empaxis has extensive experience in the middle office, providing trade settlement services, including trade confirmations, affirmations, matches, and reconciliation reports.

With the T+1 trade settlement cycle officially taking effect on May 28, 2024, RIAs need reliable support, which Empaxis provides in T+0 settlement cycles.

3. Empaxis Works With Your Portfolio Accounting Systems in Your Environment

As part of customized RIA back-office outsourced support, Empaxis knows you have systems in place that serve you best, and we’ll operate within them.

After all, with nearly 20 years in back-office servicing, we have a wide range and depth of experience across portfolio accounting systems, including Advent Axys and APX.

For RIAs, vendor transparency and maintaining control are super important.

That’s why everything we do, from daily reconciliation and performance to automation development, is done within your systems over secure connections.

Empaxis holds its itself to high standards of compliance and ethics. Client interests come first, and our ISO 22301 certification is an example of just that.

4. Future-Proofed, Long-Lasting Operation Solutions

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Empaxis establishes relationships with RIAs that are built to last.

That means building back-office solutions that are meant to last.

Client needs change over time. The way Empaxis served clients 5 or 10 years ago is not the same way as today, and it will not be the same 5-10 years from now.

Thus, Empaxis constantly evolves. There are always new and better ways to handle your reports, data, and software use, and we do whatever we can to make the work run more smoothly and efficiently.

That is why we build out Target Operating Models, mapping out a path to follow from the present to a more ideal and optimized future state.

And we leverage technology to the fullest. That includes software and application development (including implementations and data migration), building automation development tools and quality assurance systems, cutting down turnaround times and ensuring accuracy in all our work.

It also includes building custom dashboards for our clients, who need to aggregate their data and view it in one spot.

We will stay at the forefront of innovation and maintain strategic partnerships with technology platform and delivery services providers, ensuring we always deliver for RIAs in their back office.

5. Continuity of Leadership; Longer Employee Tenures

Constant turnover is bad for any business, especially at its highest levels of leadership.

Empaxis does not have that problem. Our core executive leadership trio has been together for 15+ years, plus senior leadership that have been with us for similarly impressive periods. We have established a culture that values and rewards employees who take initiative and go the extra mile for our clients.

On average, Empaxis has a longer average employee tenure than the investment operations industry average.

And when employees leave, it’s not uncommon for them to return. Three members of our current leadership team rejoined our staff.

RIAs should place great value in outsourcing vendors like Empaxis that have continuity, along with consistent and proven track records in delivering operations excellence.

Learn more about Empaxis leadership.

6. Prompt Replies and Follow Up

Too often, vendors take their time replying to inquiries.

But from the moment you contact Empaxis, you can expect a very timely response.

You have timelines and deadlines that must be respected, and you need to make informed decisions as soon as possible.

Speak with our operations specialists and get a complete understanding of our custom offerings and capabilities.

Empaxis will move as fast as you need to get started.

Consider Empaxis

It’s rare to find an RIA back-office services provider with the unique qualities Empaxis has.

Operations is our only focus. We believe in customized and flexible offerings, as well as the importance of constant growth and evolution, with technology adoption playing a major role.

Additionally, one cannot overlook the value of a team and culture in place for so many years.

RIAs have a lot to gain by engaging with Empaxis, and we stand by ready to transform and modernize your back office.

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