Advent Axys and APX Outsourcing Services with Empaxis

Empaxis knows Advent Axys and APX really well. Wealth and asset managers benefit by partnering with us to outsource their back-office.

Providing back-office support to wealth and asset managers is a huge part of what we do.

Our systems-agnostic approach allows us to work with any portfolio accounting software or platform, and we take care of the reconciliation and performance reporting as needed.

Among those systems, Advent Axys and APX platforms are ones we have considerable experience and expertise with.

If you’re looking to outsource your operation and you’re using Advent products, Empaxis is a viable option.

Advent Axys and APX Outsourcing Solutions - Why Empaxis

Led by a Former SS&C Advent Consultant, Empaxis Specializes in the Software

Before I founded Empaxis in 2004, I was a consultant at Advent Software, now SS&C. I helped investment firms set up their operational tech stack, using the Advent suite of products and services.

Both then and now, investment managers need Advent software expertise for their operation; that is why Empaxis was established.

We started with a multi-family office, and soon after wealth managers and asset managers, running their daily middle-office and back-office processes on Advent Axys and APX.

While we have since expanded our offerings and depth of portfolio accounting software we work with, Axys and APX remains a key part of what we do.

In addition, former SS&C Advent consultants have joined our team. Their insights and practical advice bring a wealth of benefits to our clients, and they pass on their experience and expertise to the rest of our Empaxis team, reinforcing our strong focus on Axys and APX systems.

Advent-Certified Staff

If our leadership team hasn't worked directly for SS&C Advent, they most certainly hold Advent certifications.

Our COO, Samrat Malakar, is an Advent Certified APX Consultant. He has helped countless numbers of Empaxis clients on APX, and he’s trained up our team to be experts in their own right.

On top of that, we have Advent Certified Consultants on our staff. Either we’ve hired them with certifications already in hand or we’ve trained them up to be certified.

Simply put, we require our team to be or become Advent portfolio accounting experts; our clients expect it.

Years of Experience with Advent Axys and APX

Our leadership team holds 20+ years of experience on Advent Software, and they have passed their knowledge on to our team.

Prior to joining Empaxis, our EVP, Doug Moromisato, oversaw the Advent systems at Pacific Life and Aspiriant Wealth Management. Like Samrat, Doug has played an instrumental role in training our team, and many of our most senior Advent system experts have been trained by Doug.

Collectively, this experience passed on to our team translates to:

  • Clearly documented, step-by-step processes to complete tasks
  • Finding ways to eliminate errors
  • Delivering more accurate reports
  • Automating manual processes
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Establishing quality control checks

Learn more about Empaxis middle- and back-office services.

We Always Find a Better Way

The way we serve clients today on Advent systems is not the same way we did it even 5 years ago.

That's because Empaxis constantly looks for new and better ways to handle APX and Axys reports, data, and files.

Two great examples would be our use of automation technology and quality assurance checks.

If there are manual and routine processes, we will always look for a way to deploy automated bots into the processes. This allows for more consistency and predictable results, eliminating errors at the same time.

Similarly, we expect quality and timely work from our middle-office and back-office teams. For that reason, we built a quality assurance system that identifies reconciliation cash and position breaks, as well as omissions or inaccuracies in the reporting, data, or files we work in. The quality assurance system also tracks time, ensuring our staff gets the work done in line with client expectations.

Happy Clients

Given our extensive background with Advent Axys and APX, as well as years of experience honing our skills, Empaxis clients are the real winners.

They rest assured their reconciliation and performance reports are ready when they start their day, accurate and completed to their standards.

They also enjoy cost savings and freed up capacity, as they have more time to grow and scale their business.

It's for these reasons that clients stay with us for many years.

Check out this case study on how one investment firm leveraged Empaxis to streamline reconciliation and performance reporting processes on APX.

Empaxis Can Help

If you're using Axys or APX and are thinking about outsourcing your back office operation, it's worth having a chat with us.

We know Advent systems quite well, and we've seen and done just about everything there is to do with the software.

Whatever stage you're at in terms of research or evaluating vendors, Empaxis will guide you in the right direction.

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