Trade Settlement Services - Post-Trade Processing with Empaxis

When it comes to post-trade processing and trade settlement, mistakes happen.

Traders, brokers, custodians, and counter-parties all have the occasional fat-finger error and mental lapse at some point.

With so much activity and limited time to act, everyone feels pressure to get things done fast.

And especially with the move from T+2 to T+1 settlements, there is even more urgency to get things done right... and with less time.

For post-trade execution activities, investment firms need assurance that their middle-office activities will run smoothly. That's where Empaxis trade settlement services and solutions comes in.

Empaxis Trade Settlement Services

Trade Confirmations and Affirmations

Once the trades are executed, the confirmations from the broker come in, and the counter-party affirms the transaction.

Checking these details requires a careful eye. Our team of middle-office experts are on it to look out for the irregularities and fix according to your requirements.

Securities, quantities, prices, and settlement dates.... all these things we keep track of, and that information is then used for the trade reconciliation process.


Comparing or matching of previously agreed upon deals, once again, requires a careful eye. We make sure the matches are accurate, so as to proceed with downstream workflows.

Reconciliation Reports

Once the above trade settlement processes are done, it's time to jump right into reconciliation.

Getting the above workflows right is crucial.

After all, mistakes upstream cause problems downstream, leading to a variety of issues:

  • cash and positions breaks
  • missing or delayed trades
  • inaccuracies in the trades related to securities, transaction types, trade and settlement dates

We are cognizant of these factors, thus we take post-trade processing seriously and reduce errors.

For nearly two decades, Empaxis portfolio accounting experts have been doing reconciliation reports for wealth and asset managers, hedge funds, and family offices.

We appreciate the post-trade process and are proven capable in delivering.

Trade Processing Technology Options

At Empaxis, we are systems-agnostic. That means whatever software our investment management clients use, we run with.

We have both theoretical and practical understanding of trade settlement, and we're able to work with any trade order management system, as well as their portfolio accounting systems.

And while some firms have systems in place, others do not. 

For those without, we always encourage them to explore trade settlement technology, including platforms like Omgeo and Blaze Portfolio.

On the portfolio accounting and data warehousing side, our own TAMP1 platform can be of use.

Whatever systems or lack thereof, it's no problem for us. Our middle-office support team is skilled and capable to work with your setup in your environment.

Get the Post-Trade Support You Need

We understand the importance of trade settlement services.

The results at the top affect everything downstream, and with more trading activity, the likelihood for mistakes from all directions increases.

Investment managers shouldn't have to worry about the post-trade and middle-office activities that follow.

When outsourcing trade settlement services to specialist providers, firms can streamline their operational processes, enhance efficiency, mitigate risk, and focus on their core investment strategies.

And that's why firms come to Empaxis. They know we get processing done in a timely and accurate fashion, and their operation is better off for it.

Yours will be, too. If you're interested to learn more, fill out our consultation form or give us a call.

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