Celebrating the Women of Empaxis

As our organization grows, women play a major role in leading and facilitating that growth. Today, we celebrate the women of Empaxis and their contributions.

As an international organization, Empaxis proudly celebrates International Women's Day.

Our success as a company has a lot to do with the women on our team.

That appreciation goes beyond the workplace; it's personal as well.

My wife is a physical education instructor for children with special needs, and my two daughters are accomplished in the fields of law and music, respectively. I see every day women's strengths and talents.

At the same time, I am reminded of the challenges women face when it comes to receiving fair and equal treatment.

On top of that, the pandemic has disproportionately affected women, creating extra hardship.

As founder and CEO, I recognize the unique position our company is in to create positive outcomes.

Women at Empaxis: Accomplished and Growing in Number

Despite the pandemic, Empaxis has proven incredibly resilient and reliable, as our recent ISO 22301 certification shows.

We're proud and fortunate to say that we are growing, and women contribute a lot to that growth.

At Empaxis, women excel in many areas, including portfolio accounting, software development, business analysis, human resources management, sales, and marketing.

Women make up 40%
of employees at Empaxis.

While executive leadership is mostly male, it is by no means limited to any group.

Our current Head of HR is female, as is our previous, who was with Empaxis for 10 years. In addition, women serve in senior-level roles, and they have served as Director of Operations.

We recognize new opportunities arise for our employees, but we do everything we can to promote company loyalty. Empaxis offers competitive compensation and benefits packages, including maternity leave.

Women now represent 40% of our team, and that percentage continues to increase. At the current rate, we will be on track to full gender parity within a few years.

The longer they stay with Empaxis, the more opportunities they have to hone their skill sets, accomplish more, and rise in rank.

Moreover, we don't believe in the notion of "male-dominated" fields. We encourage more women to join the ranks of finance, accounting, IT, software & application development. Empaxis benefits from an expanded talent pool, as do our clients, ultimately.

Just as we benefit from the contributions of talented women, we believe in investing in the next generation of talent.

For that reason, we established The Empaxis Scholarship for Women in Business. It is a $2,000 scholarship awarded annually to exceptional female students who demonstrate interest and ambition to succeed in business and entrepreneurial ventures. You can read more about our most recent winner, as well as the 2019 winner.

Appreciation and Opportunities Abound at Empaxis

We value the talents and contributions of our female team members, and clients and job applicants alike benefit from our inclusive work environment.

For clients, they benefit from a team that is appreciated and rewarded for their efforts. Motivated staff will serve you even better, like ours do. In addition, we maximize our reach for top talent, of which women make up a large share. Empaxis gets the best people for you.

When it comes to job applicants, they benefit from an organization that cares about them professionally and personally.  It's in our interest for all employees to succeed and stay with us a long time. Certainly, Empaxis welcomes the contributions of more women to come.

And while International Women's Day is a specific date, such acknowledgment and appreciation goes beyond; it's timeless.

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