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Percent of wealth managers who regret that they didn't start outsourcing sooner.
-AssetMark Financial Holdings

Wealth managers should manage wealth—not wade through operations.

You work tirelessly for your clients, dedicating time and attention to safeguarding their wealth and growing your book of business.

But time and attention are not infinite. As your business and client numbers grow, so do demands. The primary question then becomes: How do you ensure superior service as you scale?

Empaxis specializes in middle- and back-office operations for wealth managers and family offices — allowing you to focus on providing exceptional client service. Our committed expert teams leverage process automation, outsourcing expertise, and cloud technology to reduce your costs, free up your time, and increase your ROI.

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The Empaxis impact on wealth management operations

End-to-end process automation

Wealth management operations are critical to your success. Done right, they help you bolster your bottom line and steer clear of any regulatory or compliance issues.

When you partner with Empaxis, we examine every last detail of your middle and back office, uncovering opportunities for data-driven automation to transform sluggish operations into ones that run with higher efficiency, lower cost. The result:

  • Dramatic cost savings, often 30%–50%
  • Stronger ROI
  • More time to manage your clients’ wealth

Our systems-agnostic solutions are stress-free: we integrate with your existing technology, optimizing your wealth management operations as you maintain control of your workflows.

A snapshot of what our process automation delivers:
RPA for better ROI

Bots save your firm money, time, run 24/7/365, free you up for more satisfying work—and have an accuracy rate of 99.9%.

UiPath for strength and security

We strategically partner with the world’s leading RPA software to bring you all the benefits of streamlined, data-driven automation.

Skilled wealth management outsourcing

Your dedicated team is immersed in every facet of your MBO processes — enabling you to manage client portfolios with maximum accuracy, minimum hassle. With each member methodically screened for skills, knowledge, and an innate passion for our work, Empaxis sets the bar for outstanding service and talent retention.

Headquartered in California and operating in India, Empaxis brings comprehensive knowledge of the global capital markets. We maximize the benefits of lower costs and follow-the-sun workflows, and are here whenever you need us.

Data-driven. Powerfully proactive. Fiercely focused.

Investment operational transformation is what we do. Two decades strong, our proven approach delivers end-to-end process automation and skilled outsourcing, enabling wealth managers and family offices to dramatically cut costs, process faster, scale seamlessly, and provide superior client service.

Ready to transform your wealth management operations?

Curious to see how end-to-end process automation and skilled wealth management outsourcing can increase your firm’s profitability? Whether you’re ready to get started or simply want to explore what’s possible, let’s chat — there’s no charge to you.

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