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Robotic process automation can reduce investment firm costs by up to 75%*

Manual work is a time-consuming, money-wasting activity that leads to countless errors and headaches in your operation. The good thing is you can automate a lot of manual workflows via Robotic Process Automation (RPA), allowing you to keep your time and money, as well as reduce the number of errors and operational hiccups.

RPA for private equity and venture capital investments

Does your organization invest in alternative assets like private equity and venture capital? If so, more than likely you are downloading statements and processing them manually.

With Empaxis RPA tools and solutions, virtually all of your workflows can be automated:

  • Open emails and portals
  • Read pages for relevant information
  • Download custodian statements
  • Rename, format, and store files and documents
  • Extract data from email, PDF, and spreadsheets
  • Update and map data
  • Generate reports
  • Send emails, alerts, and notifications
  • Trigger workflows

Empaxis RPA talent available at every step of the way:

  • Serve as primary touch point with client
  • Gather project specs and requirements
  • Creating a clear and intuitive API design, including endpoint URLs, request/response formats, and data models.
  • Assess current workflows, setup, and feasibility of development
  • Build custom bots, automate the processes
QA Testers
  • Test all developments to ensure proper bot functionality
  • Report bugs and defects to developers, retest after subsequent development
Project Managers
  • Set timelines and expectations
  • Coordinate internal activities and communication
  • Report progress and outcomes to senior and executive leadership

Real benefits with RPA

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Lower costs

Faster turnaround times

Greater long-term ROI

Fewer errors

More time spent on higher-value activities

You don't have to be an expert to get started

All you need to do is let Empaxis know the task you want to automate, share some of the details about your setup and workflows, and we’ll take care of the rest. We make it easy:

  • You can keep your existing tech infrastructure.
  • We will program, test, deploy, and maintain the automation bots.
  • All steps will be documented for auditing and accountability purposes.

* KPMG: RPA can reduce costs for financial firms by as much as 75%.

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