Empaxis 2022: A Year in Review

As 2022 comes to a close, I would like to share my appreciation to all our clients. It's our pleasuring serving you, and we look forward to another successful year ahead.

Additionally, I would like to thank the Empaxis team for all that they do in putting the clients' needs first. So many team members have gone above and beyond, and we're so thankful to have such amazing and dedicated staff.

Looking back at this year, it was both accomplishing and rewarding. Here are some of the highlights of this year.

Empaxis Highlights 2022

1. Growth and New Partnerships

As an organization, we continue on our growth trajectory and expanding our global reach, partnering with more investment firms in the Middle East and the rest of Asia. 

There are many valid reasons to explain the growth, but ultimately it's due to our unwavering focus on delivering a world-class operational experience for investment managers.

We are expanding in terms of clientele, but also resources and capabilities.

The Empaxis team continues to hone their skill sets, expand their competencies in the middle-and back office and automation, and effectively showcase our capabilities to clients and the wider audience.

EXL Partnership

Earlier in December, we announced our partnership with EXL, a data analytics and digital operations and solutions company that helps businesses be more productive and efficient.

Combining forces, we're able to serve investment managers at greater capacity. 

2. TSAM Conference

In October, Empaxis sponsored and attended TSAM in New York.

At the conference, I had the opportunity to be part of a panel discussion on data management best practices for investment firms.

Additionally, you can see my interview with TSAM on the benefits of investment operations outsourcing.

Video: See my interview with TSAM

We will be looking at future TSAM events in 2023, and we’ll let you know when we’re going.

3. The Return to India

We have operational facilities in Noida (near New Delhi) and Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), and I have been a regular visitor to India for nearly two decades.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 travel restrictions delayed my return, but with restrictions lifted, I made my first trip there since late 2019.

Connecting with the team again in person has been a really good thing. It's brought us closer together and has us ever more committed to serving investment firms. 

Check out this post of my recent visit to India and see just how important it is to stay personally connected with the team.

4. See a More Personal View of Empaxis

We welcome you to see Empaxis up close and on a more personal level.  

Want to see our facilities and the people who are part of the Empaxis team? Watch this video

Want to see what else we’re up to? Follow us on our social media channels:

Empaxis will continue to be active on these platforms, and through our posts, you'll get to know us even better.

What's to come

Another fantastic year is in the books for Empaxis, now in its 18th year.

Looking ahead, we will continue on our growth trajectory while continuing to provide customized and personable support at the highest level for our clients.

Additionally, we plan to be more at industry conferences and events, as well as showing you Empaxis up close through content we share.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year, and we look forward to reconnecting in 2023!

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