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Why move from client-server portfolio accounting software to a TAMP

Download our ebook “Technology Guide for Small to Midsize Investment Firms – Choosing a TAMP Solution” and find out the comparison between a client server software versus a turnkey asset management platform. Learn why it’s time to ditch your legacy software, get out of spreadsheets and embrace cloud technology.

The financial industry is behind the times with technology adoption for many reasons. The Financial Times says U.S. laws tend to favor legacy software companies, which makes it harder for innovators to disrupt with new technologies.

Yet, financial technology adoption among consumers is spreading fast, and if RIAs don’t meet consumer demand for seamless, integrated online experiences, they risk obsolescence. EY’s “Global Fin Tech Adoption Index” in 2019 found that fintech adoption nearly doubled from January 2018 to June 2019. With the spread of COVID-19, cloud-based technology will only increase in use. Learn more about client server software versus a TAMP.

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Download our eBook:

Technology Guide for Small to Midsize Investment Firms – Choosing a TAMP Solution


Fintech adoption growing faster than expected

EY estimates that 64% of global consumers have adopted some form of fintech, the most popular being money transfers and payments. By 2019, an estimated 75% of global consumers had used some form of money transfer and payment fintech, which is up from 18% only four years earlier. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, fintech app usage has increased 72%.

Other uses:

  • 48% use it for savings and investments
  • 34% use budgeting and financial planning fintech
  • 29% use it for insurance
  • 27% have used fintech for borrowing

“Technology Guide for Small to Midsize Investment Firms – Choosing a TAMP Solution” delves into several reasons why it’s time to ditch legacy portfolio accounting software and move to a cloud-based platform for managing your clients’ wealth and assets. You’ll learn about trends in financial technology and how leveraging the expertise of third parties can help you get the most out of the technology, while improving your operating efficiency overall.


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Who should read our eBook?

Decision-makers – be they executive, financial, operations, or technology leaders – at investment firms will benefit from the information we’ve collected in this ebook. Portfolio managers and client service managers may also benefit by learning about ways to improve the client experience.

Our goal is to help you understand the importance of future-proofing your firm with cloud-based technology that not only simplifies your business processes, but your clients will love it.

Once you’ve read the ebook, give us a call and let’s talk about how TAMP1 works for you.

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