Asset Servicing with Empaxis: Performance, Settlements, Corporate Actions, & More

Asset servicing is a very important task, but if you're in the business to make money for your clients, you should leave the asset servicing functions to true experts.

While we prefer to look on the bright side, we know the present isn't looking pretty.

Inflation and high interest rates are eating away at consumer confidence, corporate earnings, and investor sentiment.

Thus, investment managers need all the time to focus on delivering higher returns and/or preserving their assets.

They also need to think about ways to lower costs and eliminate inefficiency. Areas like operations and asset servicing are good places to start.

And with some experts predicting a 98% chance of a recession by 2023, now is the time to start cutting out the fat, hoping for the best, and yet preparing for the worst.

If you've struggled with inefficiency in the middle and back office, consider Empaxis asset management services.

Empaxis Asset Servicing Areas of Support:

Performance Reports

Investors need to know their numbers. They rely on you not only to deliver good performance, but for the reports that show good performance.

Performance reporting is important, and to do it well, it takes a lot of time to make sure everything's perfect.

But honestly, your time is best spent delivering high performance. Leave it to a group like Empaxis for the reporting; we have nearly two decades of experience with asset management back-office functions.

Trade Settlements

You spend all that time creating an investment strategy and doing the research. In an ideal scenario, you should be done after the trade executes.

But with post-trade settlements, there are the confirmations, trade affirmations, allocations, and custodian matching.

And with the SEC speeding up the settlement timeline from T+2 to T+1, there's little time and room for error in completing the trade settlements.

Asset servicing companies and outsourcing providers like Empaxis have the technology and resources to get these processes done efficiently.

Corporate Actions Processing

If you've ever done daily reconciliation reporting, you'd appreciate this one:

You're doing the daily recon steps and it's all smooth sailing... until you get hit with corporate actions.

Just when you thought you could get the work done a little faster, the corporate actions slow you down.

The stock splits, the reverse splits, the mergers, the ticker changes... all of these add an extra layer of complexity to the work and higher chances for mistakes.

At Empaxis, we love work like this. We're ready for those curveballs, and we're at our best in the situations. That's why asset managers come to us.

Net Asset Value (NAV) Calculations

When dealing with investments like mutual funds and ETFs, having these calculations is crucial for various reasons, including:

  • determining fund value and per-share pricing
  • assessing performance
  • knowing if the fund is over- or under-valued by the market

Whether you calculate NAV daily, weekly, monthly, etc., Empaxis will do the net asset value calculations according to your frequency requirements.

We have the team and tools in place to get the work done,

Asset Management Technology and Talent in Place

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In order to deliver upon the services above, one must have the resources to execute.

At Empaxis, we have all the asset servicing talent you'd need:

  • portfolio accounting experts
  • automation and application developers
  • business analysts
  • investment operations consultants
  • IT management experts

Not only will we work with your custodians, portfolio accounting software, and trade order management systems, we leverage our technology in tandem with yours:

  • Quality Assurance (QA) systems
  • Investment reporting automation tools
  • Turnkey asset management platform
  • Data migration tools
  • Dashboard analytics
  • API integration capabilities

Start Making Your Job Easier

Looking at the current climate, challenges are ahead. Make things easier for yourself now.

The looming economic storm will eventually pass, but for the time being, it's time to get the house in order.

Do the best job you can with your investment strategy, research, and client servicing.

In order to the best job, you should free yourself from operational burdens.

Cut out the fat, and leave the asset management servicing to experts like Empaxis.

We want you to grow and scale.

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