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An often frustrating and challenging area of operations for hedge funds and asset managers lies in the reconciliation of transactions, positions, cash and valuations back to brokers, counterparties and banks. Often times this is a manual or semi-automated process requiring maintenance of a paper trail for compliance.

Service Highlights include:

  • Hosted reconciliation system
  • Fully backed up, with business continuity planning built in
  • Reconciliation can start as soon as the data is available, on a 24/7 basis
  • Automated matching for perfect and tolerance matches
  • Dashboards for monitoring trade breaks, reviewing audit trail
  • Changes pushed to your portfolio accounting/general ledger system
  • Works with all securities
  • Can match transactions, confirms, positions, cash
  • Empaxis can perform the investigation and work out any discrepancies

Empaxis Data Management not only performs each of the following services, but they can be customized to meet the specific needs of each investment office.


Timely, accurate reconciliation delivery regardless of portfolio complexity, including transactions, positions, market value and cost basis to deliver accurate monthly reports quickly.

Performance Reporting

GIPS standards or proprietary performance measurment and review service.

Fees and Expenses Calculation

Calculating management fees, incentive fees, excluding special members and accruals.

Partnership Reports

Report generation in various formats saves you time and money.

Auditor Liaison

We work directly with your auditors at year-end to ensure they have the necessary documentation.

Learn how Cornerstone Advisors, Inc., with more than $2 billion in AUM, brought scalability and the opportunity for growth to its firm by outsourcing trade reconciliation.

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