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The investment management industry is becoming more data-driven, technology-focused, and client-centric.

Keeping up with these demands is a growing challenge, placing a lot of stress on investment management operations:

Increased workloads

Manual work and Excel-heavy processes

Reporting complexity and errors

Slow turnaround times

Not getting the most out of the technology

Get the most out of financial technology and operations consulting resources

Don’t waste your time and money with unfit and unproven solutions.

You’ll save a lot more by speaking with investment operations and technology consultants like Empaxis first.

Going through our EDIT process, you will receive concrete steps to fix your middle- and back-office challenges, both fit and proven to work for your operation.

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What is EDIT?

Empaxis Digital Intelligent Transformation (EDIT) is an in-depth consultation and analysis of an investment firm’s operational setup. Members of your team will meet with our middle- and back-office specialists, covering every relevant aspect of your processes.

Our team can meet on-site or remotely, and consultation engagements are usually a few hours each day over the course of a week, depending on your requirements.

As we review your setup, we are constantly thinking of technology- and automation-driven approaches.

With EDIT, Empaxis follows the Six Sigma methodology, allowing for improved process outcomes, including fewer errors and inefficiencies.

What are the goals and intended outcomes of EDIT?

Within just a few days after the in-depth consultation, you will receive a detailed report. We will:

Identify workflows to be streamlined and automated.

Find ways for technology to drive the processes and make more efficient uses of human capital.

Establish effective workarounds for processes and exceptions that off-the-shelf systems don’t account for.

Provide step-by-step instructions to achieve the very solutions prescribed.

What are the benefits of EDIT?

Unlike the typical wealth and asset management consulting firms, our investment operations consulting is more substantive. You get:

Clear, actionable steps to operations improvement. We go beyond surface-level recommendations and a list of replacement software. We provide the specifics you need.

Fast turnaround times. Get a detailed operations assessment within a short timeframe, so you can take action quickly.

Real ROI. Know with confidence where to invest resources that deliver maximum impact to your firm.

Expert advice from true operations specialists with 20+ years' experience. Even the largest of consultants do not have this degree of hyper-specialization. Empaxis operations knowledge and how to get the most out of your existing technology is unique and truly unmatched.

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