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Automation Services

Automation Services for Investment Management

Redefine operational efficiency for your organization

Manual processes in the middle offices and back offices have plagued investment firms for years.

These monotonous workflows are prone to human error, whether it’s bad data as a result of typos or a bored and wandering mind that pays little attention to details needed for reliable reporting.

The errors, the wasted time — all of these human-derived issues eat into your profit margins, and poor-quality reporting can erode one’s trust in your operations.

With automated investment management, these manual nuisances will be a thing of the past. 

What is robotic process automation?

Robotic process automation (RPA) relies on software tools to automate manual and repetitive activities usually handled by human personnel. With RPA, companies can deploy software “bots” to capture, interpret and process a transaction; manipulate data; trigger responses; and communicate with other digital systems.

Software bots typically are not expensive or difficult to implement. They require no custom software or deep integration into existing systems. Find out more about bots, along with what they can and can’t do.

What are the benefits of robot process automation?

RPA tools are not replacements for the underlying business applications. They are used instead to automate the tasks of human workers, which are then freed for more higher-level tasks. That benefits organizations in several ways:

Robotic process automation offers another benefit: it does not require new infrastructure or systems. Many other process automation tools interact with systems in a way that requires new code. That can create concerns about quality assurance, maintaining code and responding to changes in applications. RPA tools are constructed to avoid those issues.

How does Empaxis use robotic process automation?

Empaxis offers robotic process automation solutions, which will help you transform the accuracy, cost and speed of your operations. A software robot can cost as little as one-ninth of a full-time employee, and robots work as much as 20 times faster.

Robotic process automation can be used strategically as part of a holistic process improvement program tactically to automate as-is processes.

For example, with RPA processes, Empaxis can help you generate reports by:

Family offices and wealth managers deal with many private equity funds and hedge funds, and Empaxis has been able to cut processing time with RPA. Bots do the processing on these accounts rather than people. That cuts times dramatically, offering significant savings.

Aside from cost savings and speed, the benefits of RPA also include:

A tried-and-trusted provider of automation solutions, Empaxis is proud to be recognized by UiPath as a strategic partner in delivering RPA to investment firms globally.

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Case Study: Cornerstone Advisors

We knew we were going to launch new products and target new types of clients, which would lead to growth and require scalability. We also knew that if our back-office was not prepared to sustain that growth, these initiatives we were putting in place would not be successful.

– Aimee Hauff, Director, Investment Operations, Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.

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A tried-and-trusted provider of automation solutions, Empaxis is proud to be recognized by UiPath as a strategic partner in delivering RPA to investment firms globally. more
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