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How Empaxis provides tailor-made services for investment managers

Empaxis principles

Clients: Who we serve

Empaxis realizes that it can only exist by serving its clients in an exceptional manner. Our clients manage a variety of investment structures and asset classes.

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Capability: Deep operational expertise

Founded in 2004, Empaxis has capabilities derived from experience in nearly 1,000 BPO projects. The Empaxis team has deep operational and investment experience with backgrounds at companies such as PIMCO, Pacific Life and EXL Service.

Empaxis solutions are systems agnostic. The company works with its clients’ existing systems and integrates software that can scale with their business.

Empaxis follows the industry’s highest standards for physical, cyber security, and environmental security controls:

  • Service Organizational Control (SOC1) is audited by Ernst & Young, in accordance with SSAE18 guidelines.
  • ISMS (Information Security Management System) framework complies with ISO 27001 specification.
  • UiPath Strategic Partner in delivering RPA to investment firms globally.

Empaxis works with all financial products, and can match transactions, confirms, positions, and cash, fixing the discrepancies. It respects compliance, and will work directly with a clients’ auditors at year-end to ensure they have the necessary documentation.

Highlights include:

  • Empaxis staff are expertly trained in portfolio and accounting systems, including Advent, Tradar, Orion, and Tamarac.
  • We don’t do one-size-fits-all—instead, we tailor our services to fit your specific needs.
  • Our team is global, making us available around the clock for dependable office support.

Coverage: At our clients' side, working for them 24/7 worldwide

Empaxis has strategically located its global team across North America, Europe, and Asia to deliver timely operational support to clients.

Empaxis invests time before scalability pressures arise and works with clients to develop a plan for increasing scale intelligently, within remit and with agreed milestones. Achieving scale requires a level of repeatable and predictable systems. The company’s infrastructure and business processes are modular and cloud based to enable scaling on demand.

Empaxis’ cooperation and consistent systems across its offices in Los Angeles, London, and Delhi ensure a smooth 24/7 global service for clients.

Culture: A commitment to partnering with our clients & our people

The Empaxis company culture is committed to clients and partnership. Empaxis’ staff largely consists of MBA qualified accountants who have previously worked at prominent alternative asset managers, across many different asset classes. Their personal experience bolsters the institutional knowledge base throughout Empaxis and provides clients with subject-matter expertise.

The company is organizationally structured to deliver TAMP1, MBO, & RPA effectively and its staff understand the technology requirements to govern financial systems and their compliance.

The Empaxis work environment is dynamic and inclusive. Diversity is standard for a company based out of the cultural melting pots of Los Angeles, Delhi, and London. We are proud of the heritage and culture of the cities and countries in which we work.

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