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Empaxis has the resources and capabilities to provide support in all of the following areas and more:

Mobile Applications
Enterprise Software
Desktop Applications
Fintech Platforms
Website/Cloud Applications
Disaster Recovery Testing
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Empaxis India office - investment operations outsourcing

Get better results for your software

Building software is serious business and it'snot to be taken lightly. It’s not as simple as writing the code and taking it live.

For software development to be successful, a finished product requires multiple rounds of testing and rigorous quality control checks. Testing and checking are extremely arduous processes, and many firms lack the time, patience, and diligence needed to do it right.

And that’s OK. The burden shouldn’t fall on your shoulders. Software testing and QA services providers like Empaxis are true specialists in software buildouts and implementation, and we will gladly relieve your burden.

Experts in testing and quality control

At Empaxis, we are in the business of delivering precise, accurate data and reports for our clients. And precision and accuracy start with the software we build, ensuring quality downstream.

The only way to ensure quality is through rigorous testing and QC checks, and because Empaxis places the highest value on reliable data and reports, we have invested heavily in technology and our team’s capabilities to ensure said quality.

Empaxis India office - investment operations outsourcing

Our testing and checking approach

We set up 3 separate servers, which have their own unique functions.


The software features and functionalities are determined, and then code is written to satisfy the development requirements. From there, it is passed on to the UAT server.


In this stage, a series of tests are done to check for bugs, defects, and other potentially fatal errors.

Any reported issues will be sent back to the software development team, where the issues will be checked in the development server, then passed back to UAT for another round of testing.


After testing and it is determined that no bugs, defects, or fatal errors are present, then the software is ready to go live on the production server. In this server, the software is immediately ready for use and is expected to function without issue.

Types of testing performed

Functional Tests

Compatibility Tests

Performance Tests

Usabiity Tests

API Tests

Security Tests

Regression Tests

Release Tests

Checked, validated, certified

We follow Six Sigma methodology, the highest standard in ensuring the utmost quality of our data while greatly minimizing the risk of error.

Ernst & Young has audited and approved all our workflows, and we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

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