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You have the perfect new system, but setting it up yourself is an arduous and complicated task.

Unless you’re an expert, software implementation is no simple process. Failure to set up properly will result in wasted time, effort, and money.

Avoid the pain and hassle of software setup. Leave it to the experts at Empaxis. Our team has years of experience and a proven track record when it comes to software implementation.

Roles and expertise that we provide:

Technical and Functional Consultants

Our consultants understand legacy data and the business requirements for implementation. After starting the project, the BAs will work closely with our Solutions Architects and other project stakeholders.

Solutions Architects

Trained as UI/UX designers will check the data flows, designs, and approve the UI/UX integration.

Front-End Developers

Our software engineers have tremendous UI/UX development capabilities, and they understand the importance of a smooth and seamless client experience.

Integration Developers

The developers have an extensive knowledge of integration layers and know the value of precision and accuracy.

Application Developers

Our developers build custom applications, in close accordance with your guidelines and requirements.

Project Managers

No project is successful without the leadership and oversight of a seasoned and experienced Project Manager. Empaxis has those leaders, seasoned and experienced, ready to go.

We partner with fintech software and service providers

When financial technology companies land new clients, the services provider may need some extra hands for software implementation.

Empaxis has proven experience engaging in these strategic partnerships. We can lighten the load for software providers, taking on full responsibility of not only implementation, but also taking the lead.

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