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Long gone are the days when investment advisors could get by without digital-first offerings. Your clients demand instant access to their investment portfolio details, and your colleagues require real-time updates on the portfolios you manage.

To satisfy those demands and remain a competitive, relevant player in the industry, investment advisors can reap the benefits of custom web portal development. But there is no need to shoulder the burden of development; Empaxis will do that heavy lifting for you.

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We have years of experience building custom portals for financial advisors and their clients, as we understand the unique needs of businesses and clients they serve.

But Empaxis is more than just web portal development. We want you to get the most out of the solutions, so we take ownership of all underlining activities that ensure a successful outcome: data migration, data mapping, integration, maintenance, quality control checks, and system upgrades.

Web portal features and functions


Get client and advisor portals with your logo, colors, branding, and feel. Strengthen relations with clients by reinforcing your brand within the portals.

Best-in-class technology

Get client and advisor portals with your logo, colors, branding, and feel. Strengthen relations with clients by reinforcing your brand within the portals.

Seamless integration

Our client and advisor portals were designed to make it easy to connect with various data sources, including portfolio accounting systems, custodians, and prime brokerages.

Holistic data and reporting

Pull all your data into one place to get a detailed, holistic picture of your clients’ portfolios. Reach conclusions faster, make more informed decisions with reliable, trustworthy data at your fingertips.

Document management
Custom views

You decide what data sets you want to see. Create custom reports, view current and historic reports by portfolios, asset classes, allocations, etc.

Additional benefits of a client web portal

Increased client engagement

When you make it easy for clients to see their portfolios and understand what they’re looking at, they’ll naturally be more engaged. With easy-to-understand and accessible information, they will be in position share meaningful feedback with their advisor.

Greater trust

By simply showing all investment portfolio details, that act of transparency will only build the relationship and the trust clients have in you. They see you’re putting in the effort to manage their portfolio(s) well, and they can only feel more confident in their advisor.

Increased revenue, via longer-lasting client relationships

When you create an exceptional client experience, the end result is more money because the clients will stay with you longer. A happier, more engaged client that has their full trust in you will not choose to take their business elsewhere.

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