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Investment managers, banks, and institutions need well-organized data and seamless integration, but keeping track of data points across multiple sources is a big challenge.

Many firms lack the internal expertise needed for Application Programming Interface (API) development. Attempting to build your own solution can lead to more problems, especially with limited experience, skill sets, and credentials. Given that reality, partnering with true experts in API can be a viable path forward.

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Empaxis has nearly two decades of proven experience in data management and building custom integration solutions for the banking, finance, and investment industry.

Our API expertise runs wide and deep, and our team of development specialists can assist in the following areas:

Our team of API development specialists can assist in the following areas:

Design and Architecture
  • Defining the purpose and scope of the API.
  • Choosing the appropriate architectural style (e.g., REST, SOAP).
  • Creating a clear and intuitive API design, including endpoint URLs, request/response formats, and data models.
  • Creating comprehensive documentation that explains how to use the API.
  • Providing detailed information on endpoints, request/response formats, authentication methods, and error codes.
  • Implementing security measures such as authentication (API keys, OAuth, JWT), authorization, and access control.
  • Ensuring data encryption (HTTPS) for data in transit.
  • Connecting two or more applications/ systems for data exchange.
  • Designing the API to handle increased traffic.
  • Implementing redundancy and failover mechanisms.
  • Load balancing to distribute requests evenly across multiple servers or instances.
Source Code Management
  • Utilizing version control systems (e.g., Git, SVN) to manage the API's source code.
  • Collaborating with development teams through branching and merging strategies.
  • Writing the actual code that implements the API endpoints and functionality.
  • Handling data storage, retrieval, and manipulation.
  • Implementing authentication and authorization mechanisms to secure the API.
  • Ensuring error and exception handling.
  • Conducting thorough testing to identify and fix bugs or issues.
  • Performing unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing.
  • Optimizing API endpoints for speed and efficiency.
  • Implementing caching mechanisms to reduce server load.
  • Load testing and scalability planning to handle increased traffic.
  • Managing API versioning to ensure backward compatibility when making changes.
  • Implementing version control in the API endpoints or using versioning in the URL (e.g., /v1/resource).
  • Deploying the API to production servers or cloud environments.
  • Implementing deployment strategies.
  • Providing ongoing support and maintenance for APIs, field mappings, and any changes required on part of the client.

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