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Hiring additional operations staff can be costly and inefficient, especially when workloads are temporary or unpredictable.

Reporting needs to get done, but there is not enough in-house talent.

Staff augmentation gives asset managers, hedge funds, and family offices the ability
to complete middle- and back-office operational tasks on-time and in a cost-effective manner.

Investment firms can leverage Empaxis’s team of portfolio accounting and IT specialists on a temporary or long-term basis.

Staff Augmentation
Highlights Include:

Reconciliation Reporting

Performance Reporting


Cost Basis

Corporate Actions Processing

Fees and Expenses Reporting

NAV Calculation Reports

Benefits for
Investment Managers: 

Lower Costs

Time Saved

24/7 Remote Staff Availability

Access to Portfolio Accounting Experts

Fully  Leverage RPA

Easily Add and Remove Staff as Needed

Scalable Operations

Learn how Cornerstone Advisors, Inc., with more than $2 billion in AUM, brought scalability and the opportunity for growth to its firm by outsourcing trade reconciliation.

Access the Cornerstone Advisors story here

With Empaxis Data Management, you’ll receive accurate, timely, back-office processing support overnight.
Portfolio accounting across regions, currencies, and asset classes.

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