Accounts reconciled overnight, reports ready first thing in the morning

Reconciliation reporting and billing
Reconciliation Outsourcing Services for Investment Firms

For asset and wealth managers, expert reconciliation, reporting, and billing aren’t just daily tasks—they’re critical operations for supporting your firm’s growth. At Empaxis, we understand the challenges businesses face reconciling portfolios—and we’re here to do the heavy lifting for you. Our services are comprehensive and are matched to fit your specific needs.

Our team of portfolio accounting experts works with all types of securities—from the traditional to the complex —, matching transactions, confirmations, positions, and cash. Using a hosted reconciliation system, we get started as soon as your data is available—and keep working, 24/7, until your accounts are in order.

If discrepancies do arise, we’ll work them out—and alert your portfolio accounting system. Moreover, with Empaxis, your data is fully backed up; so you can eliminate worry about business continuity and compliance.

What We Deliver:

  • Reconciliation Reporting
    • Timely, accurate reconciliation delivery regardless of portfolio complexity, including transactions, positions, market value and cost basis to deliver accurate monthly reports quickly
  • Performance Reporting
    • GIPS standards or proprietary performance measurement and review service
  • Fees and Expenses Calculation
    • Calculating management fees, incentive fees, excluding special members and accruals
  • Partnership Reports
    • Report generation in various formats to save you time and money
  • Auditor Liaison
    • We work directly with your auditors at year-end to ensure they have the necessary documentation.
Case Study: Cornerstone Advisors

We knew we were going to launch new products and target new types of clients, which would lead to growth and require scalability. We also knew that if our back-office was not prepared to sustain that growth, these initiatives we were putting in place would not be successful. Aimee Hauff, Director, Investment Operations, Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.

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