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Our engagement with Empaxis is probably the equivalent of between one and two full-time staff. The scalability they have provided to our business is tremendous. Whether we have 500 or 5,000 clients, we know we will be able to provide accurate reporting in a timely manner.
Aimee Hauff, Director, Investment Operations,Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.
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The ultimate goal is that all the systems have been checked overnight and are ready by the time clients arrive in the morning.

Manish Garg, Director Information Technology, The Conifer Group, LLC
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We knew we were going to launch new products and target new types of clients, which would lead to growth and require scalability. We also knew that if our back-office was not prepared to sustain that growth, these initiatives we were putting in place would not be successful.
Aimee Hauff, Director, Investment Operations, Cornerstone Advisors, Inc
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