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Go Independent, Start Up with Confidence

Going independent and starting your own RIA is both exciting and rewarding. Being in full control, the sky is the limit to grow. 

But like starting any business, there are challenges. There are things outside your interests and areas of expertise to deal with. That includes setting up an operations and technology infrastructure from scratch. 

The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Empaxis can help.  

How Empaxis Helps Breakaway Advisors and Startups 

We have a lot of experience helping breakaways and startups just like you. We’ll provide the support you need from Day 1.


Our mix of cutting-edge financial technology and world-class operational support gives you the following: 


Our clients rest assured knowing the long-term scalability and efficiency we provide them

Interested in some or all? Empaxis can build a customized solution for you.

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London Based Wealth Management Firm

“Empaxis has been a huge help in getting maximum leverage out of our systems, and the way they were able to supply us with the talent we need has been brilliant.”

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London Based Wealth Management Firm

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