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Outsourcing for Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and institutions face pressure to keep costs down while keeping margins and service levels high. The challenge is that with multiple lines of business and so many moving parts, it’s easy to get bogged down. 

Non-core, non-revenue generating activities quickly consume resources, resulting in less time to focus on what matters most: serving clients and maximizing profit margins. 


Outsourcing is one of the best ways banks and financial institutions regain their time and resources, and Empaxis helps you do just that. 

By partnering with a banking and institution outsourcing provider like usyou get the talent and toolsas well as the experience and expertise, to get the job done. 

Empaxis Services for Banks & Financial Institutions: 

Why Choose Us 

Experience and Savings for You

Empaxis already provides these very services to the world’s largest banks and institutions. Our own staff has worked within organizations like yours. We know firsthand what you go through and what it takes to meet your expectations.  

Our methods work because we have spent years improving and perfecting our processes. In turn, we pass those efficiencies and cost savings on to you.


Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

It’s not just the talent you get from Empaxis; you have access to the latest in automation tools and cloud-based financial technology. Complacency is not in our vocabulary around here; we are constantly innovating and improving our systems.


Customized Offerings

Empaxis does not fit you into a box. Every solution is custom-built to help you achieve your objectives. 



We are an open book. Empaxis is audited regularlyaffirming our internal processes and controls, as well as cybersecurity measures. With these audits and certifications (available upon request), it is further proof of our competence and capacity to serve you. 

Curious to Learn More?

Speak to real people who understand your organization. Contact us, and an Empaxis representative will reply in a timely manner. 


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Cornerstone Advisors

“Our engagement with Empaxis is probably the equivalent of between one and two full-time staff. Whether we have 500 or 5,000 clients, we know we will be able to provide accurate reporting in a timely manner.”

– Aimee Hauff, Director, Investment Operations, Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.

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Cornerstone Advisors

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