Scaling Performance for the Asset Management Industry with Snowflake

Project Overview

An asset manager wanted to scale their AUM and diversify their investment strategies, but their legacy performance systems often struggled to keep pace. As a result, the asset manager faced several notable pain points, shown below.

Key Challenges

  • Decentralized Data: The client’s performance-related data was scattered across portfolio management systems, market data providers, risk tools, and spreadsheets. Consolidating this information for analysis was a time-consuming and error-prone ordeal.
  • Slow Calculations: Complex attribution analysis, especially for multi-asset portfolios, were computationally burdensome for older systems. This hindered the firm’s portfolio managers from obtaining timely insights for portfolio adjustments.
  • Reporting Inflexibility: Custom client reports or ad-hoc analysis often required manual data manipulation. Standardized reports didn’t have the flexibility to incorporate tailored benchmarks or drill down into specific performance drivers.


Empaxis helped this asset manager overcome these challenges by leveraging Snowflake's Data Cloud to streamline their performance analytics processes.

Here's how Snowflake addressed the following pain points that are also commonly faced industry-wide:

  • Centralized Data: Snowflake provided a scalable platform for the asset manager to consolidate diverse performance-related data.
  • Optimized for Analytics: Snowflake's columnar storage and MPP architecture enabled lightning-fast execution of complex attribution models and ad-hoc queries.
  • Flexible Reporting: BI tools were seamlessly connected to Snowflake, allowing for dynamic dashboard creation and customized reports at any level of detail.

Empaxis Snowflake Expertise on Display

Our team worked closely with the asset management firm to:

  • Design Data Models: Created Snowflake optimized models that support accurate and efficient performance calculations.
  • Integrate Data Sources: Established robust data pipelines to ensure reliable updates to Snowflake from all relevant systems.
  • Implement Analytics: Developed custom attribution models, performance metrics, and risk analyses leveraging SQL or other preferred languages.
  • Visualize Insights: Empaxis built interactive dashboards and reports that empower both portfolio managers and client-facing teams.


By partnering with Empaxis and leveraging Snowflake, the asset manager gained a scalable, accurate, and flexible performance analytics platform facilitating timely insights, informed investment decisions, and delivering superior client servicing.

Benefits of Snowflake-Powered Performance Analytics for the Asset Manager

  • Agile Decision-Making: Real-time access to performance insights enabled proactive portfolio adjustments, enhanced risk monitoring, and informed strategies.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlining data integration and calculations freed up the team's time for high-value analysis.
  • Enhanced Client Reporting: Flexible reporting tools helped deliver customized, insightful reports that strengthened client relationships.