QA Automation Excellence for a Leading Investment Management Platform Provider

Project Overview

Empaxis QA testers collaborated with a Tier 1 investment management platform provider to develop and execute robust automation test cases. Their aim was to enhance the platform's reliability and reduce the time spent on manual testing.

Key Challenges

  • Platform Complexity: The large-scale platform had complex workflows and integrations across front, middle, and back-office functions.
  • Evolving Requirements: The platform was actively developed with frequent updates and new features. Test cases needed to adapt dynamically.
  • Legacy Systems: Some components relied on older technologies, presenting challenges for smooth test automation integration.



  • Test Case Design: Empaxis QA experts analyzed functional requirements and created comprehensive test cases covering core workflows:
    • Portfolio Management
    • Trade Execution and Order Management
    • Performance Calculation and Reporting
    • Compliance Monitoring
  • Automation Tool Selection: The team evaluated tools and selected Mabl and SpecFlow as the best fit for the platform's technology stack and testing needs.
  • Test Script Development: Testers meticulously developed automation scripts using Mabl and SpecFlow.
  • Test Execution and Maintenance: Thorough test execution was followed by ongoing maintenance and updating of test scripts as the platform evolved.

Team Resources

  • Initial Deployment: Empaxis deployed a team of 10 Mabl and SpecFlow certified testers.
  • Maintenance Mode: Efficient optimization reduced the team to two highly skilled testers for ongoing maintenance.

Technologies Used

  • Automation Tools: Mabl, SpecFlow
  • Programming Languages: Likely C# for SpecFlow (or other .NET compatible languages), scripting language within Mabl for custom logic if needed.
  • Software Development Methodologies: While not explicitly stated, Agile or iterative methods likely in use due to the platform's continuous development.

Empaxis Expertise as a Differentiator

  • Deep Domain Knowledge: Empaxis testers' understanding of investment management workflows contributed to high-quality test cases that accurately reflected real-world scenarios faced by private banks.
  • Certification and Tool Proficiency: Mabl and SpecFlow certifications ensured efficiency and the ability to leverage the tools to maximum effect.
  • Ongoing Support Model: Empaxis' efficient maintenance team ensured the continued success of the automation initiative even as the platform evolved.


  • Significant Reduction in Manual Testing: Automation replaced a large portion of manual testing, freeing up QA resources for more exploratory and complex scenarios.
  • Faster Release Cycles: Automated regression testing shortened testing timeframes, allowing faster deployment of new features and fixes.
  • Improved Software Quality: Comprehensive test coverage led to a more reliable and bug-free platform, enhancing the end-user experience at the private banks.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced manual testing efforts and improved efficiency resulted in cost savings for the client.