Custom API Development for Investment Operations Data Management

Project Overview

An investment management firm was handling client data from multiple custodians and data sources, and they needed a better way to manage their processes.

Key Challenges

  • No standardized public APIs, which hindered efficient data extraction, aggregation, and reconciliation.
  • Manual processes
  • Numerous errors
  • Delays in reporting.


Empaxis developed custom APIs tailored to each custodian and data source, enabling seamless data extraction and integration into the investment firm's central data management platform.

Empaxis Skills Provided

  • Backend Developers: Expertise in Python, Java, or .NET for building robust server-side applications.
  • Database Technology Experts: Proficient in relational (SQL) and potentially NoSQL databases for storing and managing extracted data.
  • Web Scraping Specialists: Possesses knowledge of tools like Beautiful Soup or Selenium for extracting data from websites lacking structured APIs.
  • API Designers: Understanding of RESTful API principles & best practices.
  • Security Specialists: Familiarity with authentication and authorization mechanisms (OAuth, API keys) for securing sensitive financial data.

Development Timeline

Phase 1: Discovery & Planning (1-2 weeks per custodian)

Thorough analysis of each custodian's data formats, access methods, and documentation.Design of API specifications tailored to each source.

Phase 2: Development & Testing (2-4 weeks per custodian)

Building of custom API endpoints.Implementation of error handling and security measures.Rigorous unit and integration testing.

Phase 3: Deployment & Integration (1-2 weeks)

Deployment of APIs to a secure environment.Integration of APIs with the firm's data management platform.


The custom API development delivered a significant return on investment, with the following benefits:

  • Reduced Manual Effort: Elimination of time-consuming data extraction and transformation tasks, freeing up staff for higher-value work.
  • Improved Accuracy: Automated data flow minimizes the risk of human errors associated with manual data entry.
  • Faster Reporting: Real-time access to consolidated data enables quicker insights and decision-making.
  • Enhanced Scalability: The API-driven approach accommodates new data sources and increased data volumes without significant process overhauls.

Investment Considerations

  • Internal Development vs. External Partner: Assess in-house developer availability and capacity vs. engaging a specialized software development firm.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Budget for API updates as data sources or custodian systems evolve over time.

Reasons to Partner with Experienced Systems Integration Experts

  • Domain Expertise: Deep understanding of investment operations workflows, data nuances, and regulatory requirements.
  • Trusted Relationships: Established connections with custodians can facilitate smoother access and collaboration during API development.
  • Focus on Security: Prioritize the protection of sensitive financial information with robust security practices.