How Investment Software Companies Achieve Growth and Scale with Outsourcing

Investment software companies need platforms that can seamlessly handle the increasing complexities their clients face – from sophisticated investment strategies and new asset classes to expansion into global markets.  

But building this scalability in-house can be expensive and time-consuming.  

That’s why software providers have turned to outsourcing.

Partnering with a third party, outsourcing provides the expertise and resources to develop a future-ready platform, empowering your clients' growth and fueling your own expansion.

Challenges Software Companies Face Building for Scale

Until they get the support they need from a third party via outsourcing, investment software providers will face several issues with scalability:

1. Not Keeping Pace with Evolving Client Needs

New investment strategies and asset classes demand frequent platform updates. In-house teams can easily struggle to keep up with the constant and abrupt changes.

2. Challenging Global Market Requirements

Supporting clients across different jurisdictions means handling diverse regulatory rules and reporting requirements. This can be incredibly overwhelming for in-house teams without international expertise.

3. Difficulty Handling Large Clients

Onboarding large institutional clients often comes with surges in data volumes, transaction processing, and complex reporting needs. Internally built platforms might struggle with such spikes.

4. Opportunity Costs

Focusing on scalability internally diverts your team away from innovating core features that differentiate your software in the market.

How Outsourcing Helps Build a Foundation for Growth

1. Access Niche Expertise for Complex Strategies

Tap into developers with specialized experience in advanced analytics, portfolio optimization, and handling diverse asset classes required for sophisticated investment strategies.

2. Attain Scalability on a Global Level

Partner with a team that understands regulatory nuances across different markets, building the flexibility necessary for international expansion into your platform.

3. Get the Right Infrastructure in Place

Benefit from cloud architects who design a platform capable of handling increased data volumes, complex computations, and demanding client reporting requirements.

4. Focus on Innovation

Free your in-house team from the intricacies of scalable architecture, empowering them to focus on core product features and market differentiation.

How Investment Software Companies Can Make Outsourcing Work

1. Treat Outsourcing as a Genuine Partnership

View your outsourcing provider as an extension of your team, establishing open communication and clear performance expectations.

2. Think about Cloud-First Architecture

Choose a partner who prioritizes cloud-based solutions (AWS, Azure, etc.) for maximum flexibility and cost-effective scaling.

3. Consider Data Handling Expertise

Work with a partner well-versed in scalable database solutions and efficient data modeling, ensuring optimal performance under heavy loads.

Make Scalable Growth a Reality

Building a truly scalable investment software platform is crucial for long-term success.  

And outsourcing this aspect of development unlocks specialized expertise, accelerates your ability to support evolving client requirements, and allows you to focus on delivering the exceptional features that drive your competitive edge.

At Empaxis, we understand the unique scalability challenges faced by investment software companies. Our team helps you build a robust platform that anticipates your clients' evolving needs, enabling them – and your business – to thrive in a dynamic market.

Is your investment software ready to scale alongside your clients' ambitions? Contact Empaxis for a personalized consultation and explore how we can empower your growth trajectory.

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