How Outsourcing Software Development Promotes Innovation and Competitiveness

Innovation in software is crucial for staying ahead of the curve, considering the competition is also innovating in an increasingly winner-take-all market.

However, the costs and operational burdens associated with maintaining an in-house development team can hinder your ability to invest in new ideas and features.

And in one of our earlier posts, we discussed in detail how outsourcing investment software development lowers costs.

So, outsourcing your software development to a specialized partner alleviates overhead costs, it also empowering companies to focus on strategic innovation and differentiating their products in a competitive market.

How In-House Development Reduces Innovation Capacity

Here are some ways internal development can stifle innovation:

  • High Overhead Costs: The expenses of attracting and retaining skilled developers, combined with workspace, benefits, and HR management, consume resources that could be directed towards R&D and product differentiation.
  • Time Consumed by Operational Tasks: Managing an internal development team involves administrative duties, troubleshooting technical issues, and ensuring compliance updates. This diverts time and attention away from strategic innovation efforts.
  • Slower Development Cycles: Building internal expertise and processes can delay your ability to rapidly prototype, test, and launch new features or enhancements.
  • Opportunity Cost: The resources and focus dedicated to development infrastructure could be better utilized refining your unique value proposition, sales strategies, and market expansion.

Outsourcing as an Innovation Accelerator in Software Development

Outsourcing your development provides a direct pathway to innovation:

  • Reduced Development Overhead: Free up capital and internal resources typically occupied by hiring, office space, and managing a development team. Redirect these resources towards innovation initiatives.
  • Access to Niche Expertise: Partner with a firm like Empaxis that has deep experience in investment software development. Their insights and pre-built components accelerate the innovation process.
  • Faster Time-to-Market for New Ideas: Leverage your partner's established development processes to quickly turn concepts into testable prototypes, allowing for faster iteration and market validation.
  • Laser Focus on Your Core Strengths: Outsourcing lets your in-house team zero in on what sets your software apart – the unique features, analytics, or user experience that drive client success and build your competitive edge


To ensure your outsourcing partnership maximizes innovation:

  • Prioritize Agile Methods: Choose a partner that emphasizes agile development, allowing for rapid adjustments and continuous innovation based on market feedback.
  • Clearly Define Your Vision: Share your long-term product roadmap with your outsourcing partner to ensure their technical choices align with your strategic innovation goals.
  • Maintain Open Communication: Regular communication allows your outsourced team to suggest innovative solutions and helps you prioritize features based on their technical feasibility, further fueling progress.

Step Up Your Software’s Innovative Edge with Outsourcing

Outsourcing isn't just about cost-cutting; it's about empowering strategic innovation. Your competitors are  innovating,

By partnering with Empaxis, you gain the freedom and resources to pursue the ideas that will truly differentiate your product and drive long-term success.

Empaxis understands the link between innovation and success in the investment software market.  
Our team helps you streamline development overhead, providing the bandwidth and technical expertise to turn your cutting-edge ideas into market-leading solutions.

Contact Empaxis and learn about outsourcing development, sparking your innovative and competitive edge.

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