How to Get Data-Driven Insights & Achieve Alpha from ESG Investments

Investment management firms - and the software that empowers - them are increasingly looking beyond traditional financial data. 

And integrating ESG factors and harnessing insights from alternative data sources like social media and news sentiment can create a competitive edge. 

However, extracting meaningful signals for investment decision-making requires specialized analytical expertise.

Pain Points: ESG & Alternative Data for Investors & Software Providers

Investment Management Firms:

  • ESG Data Overload: The proliferation of ESG ratings, metrics, and unstructured data from company reports makes it difficult to identify reliable signals     for investment decisions.
  • Greenwashing Concerns: Accurately identifying companies with genuine ESG commitments and filtering out greenwashing requires sophisticated analysis.
  • Harnessing Sentiment: Extracting actionable investment insights from vast amounts of news, social media, and other alternative data sources is time-consuming and requires specialized tools.
  • Integration Challenges: Seamlessly incorporating ESG factors and alternative data sentiment into existing investment models and workflows can be technically complex.

Investment Software Companies:

  • Rising Client Expectations: Investors demand software that supports ESG-focused strategies and integrates alternative data signals.
  • Niche Expertise: Building reliable ESG analysis and alternative data sentiment tools in-house requires data scientists and domain experts, significantly adding to development costs.
  • Data Partnerships: Sourcing reliable ESG data providers and managing complex alternative data streams poses a challenge.
  • Differentiating Your Offering: Stand out in the crowded investment software market by offering sophisticated ESG and alternative data analytics capabilities.

The Power of ESG & Alternative Data Analytics

Consider what proper ESG and data analytics can do and provide:

  • ESG-Driven Decision Making: Identify companies with strong ESG performance and mitigate risks associated with environmental, social, and governance     controversies.
  • Uncover Hidden Alpha: Sentiment analysis of news and social media can reveal early trends, potential market shifts, or emerging risks to inform investment strategies.
  • Enhanced Client Reporting: Demonstrate the ESG impact of portfolios and provide insights driven by alternative data analysis, attracting values-driven investors.
  • Data-Driven Differentiation: ESG and alternative data integration positions investment management firms as leaders in sustainable, tech-forward investing.

Partnership for Success: Software Companies + Analytics Specialists

Investment software providers can gain a significant advantage by partnering with a specialized analytics provider like Empaxis:

  • Accelerate Development: Integrate sophisticated ESG scoring models and alternative data sentiment analysis without building an in-house data science team.
  • Reliable Data Partnerships: Leverage Empaxis' established relationships with leading ESG and alternative data providers.
  • Focus on Your Strengths: Maintain your focus on the core functionality and user experience of your investment software.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Access cutting-edge analytics techniques and insights to continuously enhance your platform's value for clients.

Empaxis: Empowering Data-Driven ESG & Sentiment Analysis

ESG investing and alternative data analytics are transforming the investment landscape.

And partnering with Empaxis empowers investment software companies to deliver sophisticated solutions.

This, in turn, helps investment firms make data-driven decisions that align their values with performance goals, ultimately driving success in a rapidly evolving market.

At Empaxis, we help investment firms and software providers unlock the power of ESG and alternative data. We offer:

  • Customized ESG Scoring: Tailored models that align with your clients' sustainable investment objectives.
  • Actionable Sentiment Insights: Transform unstructured news and social data into signals, supporting investment decisions.
  • Seamless Integrations: Ensure robust integration with your existing platform, providing a unified user experience.

Ready to elevate your investment offering with ESG analytics and alternative data insights? 
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