How to Build & Embrace Agility in Enterprise Investment Software

The investment management industry continues to evolve, shaped by shifting regulations, economic changes, new asset classes, and ever-changing client demands. 

And enterprise software providers face the challenge of equipping their clients with solutions that are not only powerful, but also adaptable to these market shifts. 

Below, we will explore key strategies for building agility into your enterprise investment software.

3 Major Ways for Enterprise Software Providers to Build Agility

1. Embrace a Flexible Architecture

  • Micro-Services Architecture: Deconstruct your software into independent, loosely coupled services that focus on specific functionalities. This     allows for independent scaling and updates to individual services without impacting the entire system.
  • API-Driven Integration: Utilize well-defined APIs to enable seamless integration of your software with external data sources, analytics tools, and emerging technologies. This fosters flexibility and future-proofs your solutions.
  • Cloud-Native Development: Leverage the scalability and agility benefits of cloud platforms. Containerization technologies like Docker allow for rapid deployment and updates of software components.

2. Empower Users with Modular Features

  • Feature Toggles and Configuration Options: Provide users with the ability to enable/disable or configure specific features in the software to adapt to     their workflows and changing needs.
  • Customizable Dashboards and Reports: Design interfaces that allow users to personalize their workspace by selecting relevant data points and     visualizations for enhanced decision-making.
  • Open Integration with Third-Party Tools: Support seamless integration with best-of-breed tools for specialized functionalities (e.g., portfolio optimization engines, alternative data providers) to cater to diverse client needs.

3. Enable Rapid Updates and Continuous Innovation

  • Agile Development Methodologies: Adopt agile development methodologies like Scrum or Kanban to break down feature development into manageable     sprints, allowing for iterative updates based on user feedback and market trends.
  • DevOps Practices: Implement DevOps practices like continuous integration and continuous delivery     (CI/CD) to streamline the software release process and deliver updates faster and more efficiently.
  • A/B Testing and Data-Driven Improvements: Utilize A/B testing to evaluate the effectiveness of new features and continuously refine your software based on user behavior and performance metrics.

Empaxis: Your Partner in Creating Agile Investment Software

Building agility into your enterprise investment software is no longer optional. 

And by adopting flexible architecture, modular features, rapid update capabilities, and a culture of continuous improvement, you empower your clients to adapt to market shifts and gain a competitive edge.

At Empaxis, we understand the importance of agility in the investment software landscape, and here are some of our areas we work:

  • Cloud-Native Development Expertise: We design and build your software to leverage the inherent scalability and agility of cloud platforms.
  • Modular Architecture Consulting: We assist you in decomposing your software into modular components and designing flexible APIs for seamless integration.
  • Agile Development and DevOps Integration: We help you implement agile methodologies and DevOps practices to ensure rapid software updates and continuous innovation.

Are you an investment management software provider and struggle maintaining a robust, flexible, and agile solution for your client? Contact Empaxis for a consultation and discover how we can help you build adaptable solutions that thrive in the face of change.

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