Middle- and back-office outsourcing

We know investment operations.

For 18+ years, Empaxis has helped investment firms cut costs and improve efficiency through middle- and back-office outsourcing solutions. Our focus on operations saves your team time and money, allowing you to focus more on revenue-generating activities.

Benefits of outsourcing your middle- or back-office operations

As an investment manager, you know that operational work is costly, time-consuming, and error-prone — and it doesn’t generate revenue. With Empaxis, you’ll have access to a team of portfolio accounting experts, and you'll gain these benefits:

  • Eliminate key personnel risk for your organization
  • Add or reduce labor as needed
  • 24/7 availability
  • Customized offerings
Empaxis solutions - automation services

Platforms we work with & services we offer

Empaxis MBO services include:

Reconciliation reporting
Performance reporting
Cost basis
Fees & expenses calculation
Accounts opening and closing
Auditor liaison
Corporate actions processing
NAV calculation reports
Security Master File maintenance
Middle- and back-office outsourcing

Getting started is easier than you think

With Empaxis:

  • We offer 100% transparency — we work within your environment, according to your requirements. You set the controls, and you see everything we can see.
  • Our team works with your preferred portfolio accounting system. Regardless of region, currency, or asset class, we reconcile your accounts accurately and quickly.
  • No need to spend time looking to hire and train new talent. We have already built up the bench for you, and we are ready to help you scale your operation.

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