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Doug Moromisato
Doug Moromisato

Doug is the Chief Financial Officer at Empaxis, where he is responsible for the firm’s financial activities and decisions. In addition, he oversees technology infrastructure and operations optimization. He has been with the firm since its launch in 2004 and was responsible for developing and implementing a highly controlled and systematic approach to the delivery of client data processing and reporting services.

Before joining Empaxis, Doug was a manager and Investment Reporting Administrator for Aspiriant Wealth Management, where he oversaw the firm’s Advent Software systems. Prior to that, Doug worked for Pacific Life in a similar capacity as Investment Reporting Administrator for the firm’s Advent systems. Prior to Pacific Life, Doug was a Corporate Trainer at T. Rowe Price Mutual Funds, where he trained hundreds of new and senior associates in the area of investments, capital markets, internal workflows, fund products and services.

Doug has also served as an operations officer for Nikkei Credit Union, where he had served on the Board of Directors for the organization. Doug is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Finance/Investments.