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The investment management industry faces significant change and intense competition. With this comes pressure to optimize operations—and guarantee excellence. That’s where Empaxis comes in. Founded in 2004, Empaxis was the first middle and back office outsourcing company designed to deliver offshore labor exclusively to asset managers, hedge funds, and wealth managers.


After 15 years, the team remains fiercely focused: we live and breathe operations,so that you can focus on portfolio and investment management. Globally, we provide asset managers, hedge funds, and wealth managers with expert reconciliation and co-sourced middle- and back-office services.

Middle and Back-Office Outsourcing

Handing your operations to Empaxis increases efficiency, lowers operational costs, and reduces risk. While you maintain control, our staff follows your process—and uses your technology—to deliver your operational needs in your environment. You use our experts, and we follow your parameters. The result? The best middle- and back-office service money can buy, without the added burden of hiring and managing specialized staff.


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Turnkey Asset Management Platform

When you partner with Empaxis, your operations and processes are secure and accurate. We use Six Sigma quality controls and a proprietary quality control system to verify your data before the market opens. We follow ISO27001 information security management protocols to protect your data, and we regularly perform SSAE 16 audits to validate our system and controls.


Automation Services

As a global operations service provider, our offices span the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Our outsourcing and staff augmentation are based out of our campus in Noida, India. There, more than 30 Empaxis associates work in our newly renovated space, processing thousands of data points each month. Because we own our facility, we make sure it is equipped with the most current technology.


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With Empaxis, you have access to round-the-clock expert customer service and support. Our offices in North America, Europe, and Asia assure that your transactions are settled and reconciled by the time you pour your first cup of morning coffee.

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Empaxis specializes in providing transparent, reliable operational services. We optimize your middle and back-office operations and provide access to valuable talent so that you can invest, manage, and report with maximum accuracy, minimal hassle. Our unique approach to outsourcing sets us apart in the industry and sets your operations ahead of the curve. The world is changing fast—and in the asset management industry it’s vital to structure your operations to match.


Empaxis’ asset management, hedge fund, and wealth manager staff augmentation services let you seamlessly meet your firm’s needs. Our staff can provide the exact skills or experience that you require for a given project—eliminating your need to take on temporary employees. What’s more, augmentation offers your business the flexibility to scale up or pull back operations easily—so you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.

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