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As a small- to medium-sized firm managing assets of more than $50 million, you have plenty to do to satisfy your clients. You don’t want to spend all your time generating reports and tracking back-office performance. You want to work with clients individually to give them the best of yourself and your expertise.

According to current research, the typical financial advisor spends around 50% of their time on direct client activity-related activity, including meeting preparation, planning analyses, or other client servicing tasks. But advisors generally spend barely 20% of their time actually meeting with clients. You know your clients expect more of your attention than that.

So how do you manage these accounts the right way and give your precious time to your clients? More financial managers are turning to an investment management platform for help.

What is an investment management platform?

An investment management platform is a software system designed to help investment firms track their investment portfolios and research new investments. These tools can help with tracking, reporting and managing high-wealth clients.

With the right platform, investment managers no longer need to pull quarterly reports manually or worry about analyzing incomplete or inaccurate data. A platform like TAMP1 can give you clean data and eliminate the need for manual checks and balances. You can gain advanced insights and create new opportunities with a wealth management platform’s help.

What Empaxis’ TAMP1 investment management platform offers

Investment firms need turnkey solutions when selecting a platform. One such solution is a turnkey asset management platform (TAMP). A TAMP is ready to go for any investment firm. No extra work is needed to get started, because the solution is already set up for them.

TAMPs can free up wealth and asset managers’ time to focus on providing clients with service in their areas of expertise.

Empaxis’ turnkey solution, TAMP1, eliminates the need for any software or personnel, while providing a fully managed solution for a digital warehouse, portfolio accounting, customer relationship management, performance reporting and advisor/client websites.

The TAMP1 platform connects to anything and integrates with anything. It’s able to handle portfolio accounting, CRM, financial planning tools, historical data and anything else you want to connect to it. With TAMP1, you can migrate all your data in a matter of weeks, not months. This gives you significant cost and speed-to-market advantages.

What you get with TAMP1

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