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A Solution Analyst will discuss, gather and prioritize the potential business outcomes from optimizing the current operations environment within a company together with demonstrating the benefits of adopting new technology solutions. The Solution Analyst will present a blueprint for the future success of a company adopting OaaS/TAMP1/RPA.

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Product Specialists ensure that the operations environment and technology designed by Empaxis delivers. The ultimate focus, in every engagement, is to ensure the products are implemented on time, on budget, with minimal disruption and seamless integration into any existing systems. It is centered on delivering high performance.

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It is a fundamental goal of the engagement to ensure that the client organization fully embraces the solution and is ready to reap the rewards that the new tools will bring. The ultimate focus for the ‘Manage’ stage is on giving clients’ control over their operations. It always has in mind the future operations environment in terms of flexibility, scalability, resiliency and consistency and how it helps to generate revenue, maximize efficiency and impact positively on the experience of a company’s people, teams and clients. Empaxis’ 24/7 ‘Follow the Sun’ service desk is capable of taking and resolving a client’s query, issue or problem wherever they are and whatever the time is.

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