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As a hedge fund administrator, Empaxis provides hedge funds with a highly automated and customizable reconciliation service.

With reconciliation processing occurring 24 hours per day during the work week, Empaxis’ hedge fund clients are able to have their accounts reconciled overnight.  Empaxis’ reconciliation solution leverages best in class technology to deliver a high performance reconciliation service with high match rates and flexibility with financial instrument. Hedge fund service providers like Empaxis host the reconciliation engine, manage the files from prime brokers, counter parties and custodians and perform the reconciliation as soon as the data is available. All past reconciliations are stored historically making audits and compliance easy.

Our service approach ensures hedge fund managers have the agility they need out of the back-office and are also prepared to meet the increased regulatory and investor due diligence requirements.

“In addition to systems monitoring, we’re working with Empaxis to build tools that standardize other processes, for example, ETL for application migrations and onboarding.”

Manish Garg, Director Information Technology, The Conifer Group, LLC

Empaxis hedge fund accounting and reconciliation services are designed to provide self-administering hedge funds or hedge funds requiring shadow accounting with back-office support that meets the front office demand for speed, agility, scalability and efficiency. Your firm benefits from a highly skilled back-office operation tailored to fit your firm’s investment strategies and priced to ensure cost efficiency.

man-laptop_Dollarphotoclub_83931286SERVICE BENEFITS FOR HEDGE FUNDS

  • Cost savings vs. in-house
  • Reconciliations completed prior to market open
  • Detailed reconciliation processing
  • Works with most any data source
  • Break aging reports
  • Broad Instrument coverage

Find out how our fund administration services can help your hedge fund office save money by outsourcing. Call us at 310-356-5831 or email us at sales@empaxis.com to set up a meeting.

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