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Case Study: London Based Wealth Management Firm

A global wealth management firm with £1 billion AUA had an unusual need. When a key operations employee with combined IT and operations experience departed this London-based firm, the company was left scrambling to fill the position without disrupting its current operations.

This firm looked to Empaxis to provide outsourcing services while maintaining control of its infrastructure. It also wanted to diversify its operations workforce and resources to maintain coverage despite any employee challenges.

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London-Based Wealth Management Firm

Empaxis was selected to provide data management, understanding it could provide better service than the management system software provider. The firm decided that outsourcing its back-office operations would help it manage existing infrastructure and configurations, enabling continued production with very favorable pricing.

After three weeks, Empaxis transitioned to fully managing overnight data feeds and providing daily production support. Download the Case Study: London-Based Wealth Management Firm to find out more about the services Empaxis provided and the positive result for this firm.

Why you should read our Case Study

Empaxis helped this global firm update its system, outsource its operational duties, including management of data feeds, and provide redundancy the firm felt was necessary for optimum operations. Find out how Empaxis can provide similar services to meet your unique needs in this investment, and learn more from our other case studies.

Read Case Study: London-Based Wealth Management Firm and then contact us so we can talk about how Empaxis can provide you the best solutions for your challenges.

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