Customized Web Based Client Service Portal Development

Project Overview

Our client needed a more efficient way to process and approve various forms such as new accounts, investment subscriptions, and change of address requests.  These forms came in .pdf format from multiple vendors, each with their own requirements.  They had built a workflow in SharePoint, but it had limitations.  One of the limitations was to sign a .pdf for compliance purposes and downloading and uploading the files to do so was cumbersome.

Empaxis built a customized software application named DocuFlo which created an efficient workflow between several individuals and departments.  The application is seamless, allowing ease of event driven collaboration resulting in a higher level of service to their clients.

Key Challenges

The most challenging aspect of was the customization, over 200 issues of customizations, tweaks and enhancements were needed to ultimately get this to production. We set up a collaborative worksheet where our client was able to list each individual solution request and our team can easily access and keep track of them. Maintaining close communication was key since our developers are global, our client and PM/SA is in the US, all on different time zones. This collaboration allowed us to work 24/7 without having to pause development while waiting for client input.


The fully customized application is built on both Microsoft SQL and MongoDB on the backend and React on the front end. There is also a 3rd party library tool embedded to handle the .pdf components of the solution.

The solution was built on our client's premises, they provided the servers and other technology necessary and have the ability to continue with the application should they choose another partner to support the application.  We believe this approach motivates us to deliver superior continued support on an ongoing basis.


  • Faster processing and approval of key forms
  • Streamlined compliance 
  • More efficient communications between their clients and internal administrative staff.