Client Portal Platform Upgrade Implementation

Project Overview

Four of our clients were using an outdated version of their client portal software platform. As a result, they weren’t able to access the latest features and weren’t receiving consistent support.

We were tasked to upgrade all of these clients to the latest version of the productized client portal.  All four had different requirements and had contracted at different levels of the new product. This meant we needed to customize four different products to ensure each client’s unique needs were being met.

Key Challenges

Because the new version of the portal had just been introduced by the company, not many upgrades had been completed.

Needed to work within the SaaS Plarform’s proprietary application layer and front-end developer methodology.

Ensuring our resources were properly trained and certified on the new platform since the skill set required for this project was unique only to this particular platform.


Through several years of working with this platform, Empaxis Business Analysts and Front-End Developers were extremely knowledgeable and able to get up to speed quickly.The Project Team consisting of a Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Front-End Developers worked closely with each other and consistently collaborated with dozens of the SaaS providers  team.

Constant communication with each of the four clients allowed us to fully understand the details of the existing customized solutions and enabled us bring those into the new productized format. Some of the modifications needed included:

  • Renaming and/or disabling individual menue items
  • Customizing Multi-Factor-Authentication with different levels enabled or disabled from the standard protocol.  
  • Changing and/or replacing certain Product list and chart applications

We completed all of the necessary changes and enhancements for each of the four client upgrades, and made daily releases to development, UAT and QA testing environments. 


  • Delivered client portal upgrades for four clients on time and within budget.
  • Enabled them to access latest features and technology
  • Allows clients to receive ongoing enhancements and support